Overvulus VS leap! Antonio Brown and the quadrupanic Weifield social media torn

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September 29 (Wen / ESPN Jake Trotter Compile / Love) Antonio Brown’s body never lacks news, even if he has not been able to play, his field lace has always been a fans and揶揄 object.

Brown himself is also a good molecule on social media. From the league to the team, from teammates to fans, no he can tear; but recently, he has encountered a powerful opponent in social media – Cleveland Brown team four Bake Beck – Baker Mayfield.

Initially, Mefield released a photo of the University of Oklahoma in the social media, and with the text. The recognition, however, the Brown team does not excel this season, so some fans replied: “Go to the game, this is more affordable than this Antonio-Brown post.”

However, Melfield passionate character is not only manifested in the field, in the middle of life and the network, he is also the character of “a non-torn tear”, as long as someone says him, he will immediately make fight back. If Antonio-Brown is a “drama”, Melfield is a realistic and network full “leap”! But this time he didn’t have a front bar fans, but he borrowed Antonio – Brown opened a joke. He replied that the fans said: “Well, you are right, let me call the teammates, in my helmet, then I will freeze my foot.”

Obviously Mefield refers to the previous Antonio-Brown’s “helmet incident” and “cold treatment machine frostbus feet”, Antonio-Brown, can I endure this? He immediately responded to Merfield’s 揶揄 on social media. “Obviously, there should be no other quarter guards before Lamar Jackson, more ironic!”

Antonio Brown released such a tweet, apparently to align the spear to Mefield. Because Merfield acts as a last season, this season is struggling; while Ramar Jackson is selected in the first round of the 32nd, this season has passed the good, and the wind is eight sides.

In addition, Brown also issued a twice, called “Sorry, the little fart” is best to give me a quick release, you have no achievements in this alliance, only in the Internet can talk to me, you know You will be played soon to find your teeth. “But then he deleted this essay.

Melfield is not the only player in the social media and Brown in the social media. Previously, Brown and the Lead Safety Wei Rick Vidle was mutually mutual. The cause is similar to Mefield, so Brown has a plurality of tweezed to Viddel.

“Brother, it seems that you need more heat, I am very happy that I have exploded you in Pittsburgh, live!”

“Brothers, where are you? Don’t call me AB, is not so cooked. AB is my name in NFL, stupid! I have never been with you, so I have a pity that I have no chance to control your mouth. “

“You pray for yourself good luck, listen to the team, put your attention on your opponent, not AB! AB is not casual! This name belongs to the fans of AB, there is time Learn more. “

As we all know, Brown cut off by the Patriot Team last week and became an unrestricted free player, qualified to sign any team. Of course, he also faces a number of field allegations, and NFL is also investigating these things, and his “mouth gun war” with Mefield is not finished.

I believe that Mefield will not eat this, maybe after this week, he will choose a check-in. Of course, he needs a direct victory of Ramar Jackson as the best return reason.