One foot kicks the career bear, cut off the wrong kick

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However, things are willing to violate, and the work of playing the game is extremely low, because they often face the finals of the competition. This kind of trial of the trial is great, and once the critical game is missing, this psychological shadow often needs to be repaired for a long time; some excellent players are even steady, such as front dimension The Jingren team kicked the ball Blair Walsh. Paci is now facing the same situation as Walsh, the same is in the country of the country, and the last killing shot; the difference is only Walsh kicking is a 27 yard, but Pas Base and error were 43 yards, and afterwards proved that the shot was covered. However, this did not cancel the Paph’s season’s fluctuation. In the first 8 games in the 2018 season, Paki Ren’s 16 penalty is 13, with a total of 28 fines, still continued to play the stability of 2017; They met on November 12th, Paki created a “miracle” in this game, 2 free throws, with 4 penalties 2, more surprisingly, he The 4-time shooting misses all hit the column! Such “middle column” performance has also become a public laughter for a time, and when he is once again debut, it always makes everyone’s heart, until the most critical ball of the National Owner’s card, this pressure broke out.