On November 5th, the world football transfer broke the news.

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17:00 – “Daily Star” broke the news of C Luo’s transfer, C Luo has already got on the plane in Turin, intended to go directly to Yadhar, and Juventus and Manchester City have also reached a consistent.

But Ferguson Chelsea Jerseysaved the situation in 20 seconds. He directly opened the phone call, and ordered it with a very overbearing and concise tone: don’t join Manchester City!

16: 49 – Emei refused Newcastle, Feng Sika also talked with Newcastle, Eddie Hao will become a new coach of the team, and the club is currently preparing a related contract.

16: 21- Newcastle is preparing for 55 million euros to buy Temtegen, which is a very difficult offer for Barcelona.

15: 56- Daily sports report report, Debeilai wants to stay in Barcelona, ??and one reason is that I got the 7th jersey.

Mbappé Jersey 15: 49 – Manchester United is about to provide transfer quotes for Monani 21-year-old, they think that Joan Minsi is enough to replace Bagbar.

15: 30 – Arsenal’s legendary door said Hiiman, if Viera has remained such a state, his future has the opportunity to coach Manchester City.

14: 34-Skila reported that Dortmund’s signing of Ady is a must because he is the best choice for Halland.

14: 27-Harvey has begun to do a coaching plan, and he will take two assistant coaches, 1 body coach, 3 analysts and 1 school-tuist to Barcelona.

13: 51 – Lazio hopes and coal training will continue to 2025, and the negotiations will be officially opened next week.

13: 28 – International Milan is reluctant to meet the 7 million euros of Brozovic, while the thermal thorn and Paris Saint-Germain want to sign the player.

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12: 54- International Milan and Di Malco’s renewal negotiations, Di Malco believes that the annual salary of 1.5 million euros is too low.

12: 30 – Juventus and Milan have seen Dortmund 17-year-old Tibo Walz, this player is currently considering joining Italian nationality.

11: 59 – Azar has completely lost his position in Real Madrid and the trust in Anduttino, and he is likely to be cleaned in the winter.

11: 34-Wolf has begun to negotiate with Leipzi Red Niu, wants to officially Manchester United Jerseybuy Huang Haocan, his buy break is 15 million euros.

10: 33 – Barcelona is paying close attention to Manchuri 19-year-old McCarti, Manchester United, Liverpool, Ajax also interested him.

10: 00 – Sun report, C Luo tells them that his career is 2 to 3 years, and it is hoped to settle in Northwest England.