NFL’s most handsome coach ended 8 years of love long-distance run to model girlfriend’s proposal

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Mike Wei and Veronica have a vacation in France, while in France, this is full of romantic sight, it is naturally suitable for the romantic action such as proposal.The 33-year-old McDon took out a model of diamond ring made a man’s most important decision in his life.This man can have thousands of strategies on the game, strategic, but at this moment, his inner heart is also as fear; he is nervous and unbeaten from any important rugby event, even a super bowl.Veroni looked at this man in front of him. This is a close companion with his own evening. This is a confidant love person who is soft and heartbreaking in her heart;It’s a smile, she reached out his own fiber-free hand, we should wear the ring that Mike Wait in the two people in his right hand.Yes, she agreed!