NFL players along with the NCAA is committed to promoting resource sharing to improve player safety protection

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In the promotion of American football, the security has been a problem can not be ignored. Even in the NFL in the professional arena, the Union has been doing a lot of work in terms of improving the safety factor of the players. Recently, NFL’s top medical experts and doctors required college football coaches to help players improve their safety during the game, they even want to expand this activity to the entire NCAA.

NFL Union chief medical officer Alan – Hills and Executive Vice President in charge of health and safety initiatives Alliance Jeff – Miller shared this view in the medical conference held Monday and Tuesday in Indianapolis on. The conference included many forces of health and safety team NFL, NCAA Sports Science Institute staff and medical personnel from the school. Hills and Miller hope that this meeting will lead to more extensive discussion, including cooperation in the NFL and NCAA, and a discussion of the player’s lower body injuries.

“We were able to show them what we are doing, what we found, and how we can apply this knowledge to everyday care professional athlete.” Talked about when Sears in an interview, “We hope this is the NFL and NCAA two more frequent interaction between the start of organizations, because we have exactly the same goal, which is to improve the health of the players and the security situation. “

Indeed, if the NFL can be widely used in medical philosophy and way to the NCAA tournament, they can avoid some of the great players at risk of injury in college. Miller estimates that in the past 10 years, NFL players in order to strengthen the safety factor for the 50-60 rule has been modified; now the race committee and members of the Union before the changes to the rules, will be in regular contact with the medical team. And NFL coaches and players more likely to accept the recommendations of medical teams than ever before, because they also want to reduce the injured team with a more effective way.

However, these health improvements achieved in the NFL will affect the extent to universities, high schools and even smaller rugby union health protection form it? We do not know, but at least NFL hopes to do more to convey this information. On the concussion issue is currently the most public attention, NFL had been a marked improvement in the number of players suffering from concussion has dropped from 281 cases in 2017 to 214 cases. The Hills and Miller agree that, on an ongoing basis to reduce the number of concussions on the sick, and now should pay more attention to another key injury problems – lower body injury!

Ankle sprains, torn ligaments, knee injuries and a lot of lower body injuries, damage caused by these injuries ultimately spent more than a concussion playing time athletes. Miller said: “We will focus on is the construction of some of the shoes, they are for the protection of the foot, and the extent of running between them and different sod; we remain concerned about the way the team’s training load, and the players train carried whether these be related to lower body injuries. “

Now, NFL hopes to have studied it or share medical information being studied in the University Union to the NCAA. “We can learn from each other a lot of things,” Hills said, “if extended to the entire NCAA league experience we have gained in the NFL than 1,800 athletes, which will greatly increase the safety factor of these players in college at the same time it also makes us more, faster, stronger players. “