NFL New Season 9 Treatment Record: Patriot rushes 7 crown Braddy challenge Manning

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There will be more new stories in the new season, but even the history of the 50-year super bowl era, you can’t find almost all classics and great. For example, Tim Tibo staged the “God of God” in the 2011 season, the story is not mentioned after a few years, and the remaining in everyone’s impression is the grievances of Braddy and Damen. Yes, the history will always engrave those successful deeds, and as an evidence, the record has become an important trace of these engraved. When the new season’s story will go, we must know; it is the Patriot team to continue to dominate the neighborhood, the current words are early; but it is certain that the classic will continue to write, and the record will also wait to break. Let’s take a look at what records or may write new names in the new season.

1. Career Passing Record: 539 times

Keeping: Pedon – Manning, Challenger: Dru-Bris (Saint), Tom-Braddy (Patriot)

After the season was broken by Bris, the record of Burminba was more than time problems, and the transcenter behind him was more than one person. Briser can achieve more than 20 times in the new season to achieve more than 20 records, while Braddy only completed 23 passes to reach more than Damanning. It is to know that these two “four-year-old man” can easily complete the above indicators in any of the past 10 years, so as long as the new season can stay healthy, Dabinn’s record will inevitably. The current problem is that Bris and Braddy have to fight! This is not just the issue of the new season, but the problems will be discussed within two or three years.

2, the number of vocational schools, 10169 times

Keeping: Brett Falf, Challenger: Drew Bris (Saint)

Bris’ great is not enough to describe the “record founders”, but it is clear that his great is achieved in a constantly breaking record. In addition to the record of the passing of the ball, he also has a great probability in the new season breaks another record – the number of passes. The holder of this record Bretf Ffer is also in a state in recent years. At present, Bris only needs to complete 387 passes in the new season. Record. Since the Brisca Saints, he has completed 420.1 times average each season; this average data will inevitably increase under the trend of the trip to today.

3, the number of games in the single match: 143 times

Keeping: Ma Wen-Harrison, Challenger: Michael Thomas (Saint)

Compared to the quarter-off record, the record of the external work is even greater, and the record breakthrough of the single season is even more difficult. But dream is still there, in case it is true? If you have to find an external work to challenge a record of the number of single games, Thomas is a nice choice. He took the 125th ball last season and the success rate of 85% of the balls ran alliances, and the Saint team was self-reliant in the pass attack. It is just that the new season team signed the near-end Harry Jarride, perhaps the opportunity to be affected by Thomas, but Thomas is still the best choice for the most threatened and success rate.

4, career shooting number record: 709 times

Keeping: Mo Teng – Anderson, Challenger: Adam – Venatiyeri (Pony)

Who is the history of NFL? It is not an outer hand, or runs, but the pony team will play the game – Venatiyeri. The “current legend” of this last season completed the record achievement did not endorse the intention of the Fei, but the choice to open the 24th season journey in the Alliance. He only needs 20 shots to exceed Anderson to become a “historical shot king”. To know, this old one in the league will be in addition to 10 games in the 2009 season, there is no one. It is less than 25 times. Taking into account the attack power of the ponytour, Venatiye is the superiority of this record is also a must.

5, 42 years old and above the player’s single season pass to the number of times record: 11 times

Keeping: Warren – Mun, Challenger: Tom – Braddy (Patriot)

Ok, this record is almost tailored for Braddy. How many quarters can still be in the elite level 42 years old? Brady’s pass to more than 11 times, there is no problem, we only need to see if he can complete this record in the first few weeks. The fourth week, the 6th week is a reasonable guess, maybe Braddy will give us a surprise and may not be said!

6, career is killed record: 525 times

Keeping: Brett Falf, Challenger: Ben – Rodrisberg (Steel Man)

The number of passes, the number of times … These records are transcended, Bretf Fa is prone to sigh; however, the number of times of killing is surpassed, and Faliff will be happy. As a record of NFL history, it has left some of the routine glory records, Fair has also left some quite a record, including the record of the number of killed times. Today, it is only necessary to surpass the Fair, although the steel people have a first-class offensive front line, but considering his age and moving speed, this murder number is not a corporate. . Interestingly, although Falv can get rid of the title of “History to kill the most four-point guard”, he still monopers “The history of history is the number of four-point guard”! Old brother, being copied, or you are stable!

7. Single sequence abandoned kick code record: 5209 yards

Keeping: Dave – Zascir, Challenger: Matthake (Dolphin)

Who is Matt Hick? The challenger this record is not a ram of Harder or the Wickson of the Hawk, who is known to abandon the player? In fact, Huck is the second discard kick, 3884 yards abandoned the number of the 3884 yards, let him only kicked 4568 yards of Andy-Li’s back, and Andy-Lee The team in the season is Josh-Rosen led the offensive group. The world is so clever, where is Rosen? This season is this season? Dolphins! Hackbook is first-class, but the completion of this record not only needs to discard the skill and the length of the kick, but more importantly, the offensive group should have enough slag, to give the player enough to play the opportunity and abandon the kick. In the new season, it is most likely to do this. Of course, after Rosena, it is uniformly dolf dolphins who have been uniform in the media fans of each road!

8. Single season hit accompanies record: 75 points

Keeping: Matt – Prat, Challenger: Harrison – Badke (Emirate)

This record is also the same as the previous one, and the Pratt has completed this record in the wild horse in the 2013 season. That season Pedon Manning completed the record of 55 passengers. So play the ball wants to break the additional record, first of all the offensive group has achieved enough to achieve enough. Last season’s offensive Haoqiang team is undoubtedly the most promising team, Mahmus last season 50 times of passing, the wind is in power; if the new season Mahms can come to the next level If you add a pavement of the pavement, the team’s horrible attack, the team’s total number of times exceeded 75 times. The problem is that the Airate team will choose how many two points conversion, and whether the hit rate of the Bartke can be efficient.

9, super bowl won the number of championships: 6 times

Keeping: Patriot Team, Steel Man, Challenger: Patriot Team

“Let you be windy, I am self-movement”, the Patriot team did not lose competitiveness in the past few years, but the team became more and more glowed in new combat power. In the past five years, I went into the super bowl in the past five years. I won three times, let all the audience have reason to believe that they are still the most powerful people in the new season super bowl; although Gronet, although the two ends of the attack and defense lose, although the three small strong frequent frequency shot Supplement, although Braddy is old; but as long as Braddy and Bilipk are here, this patriot team’s soul is. Breddy’s youth and the Villa’s magic means let this team become the greatest American football team in the 21st century. If they can succeed in the new season, they will surpass the number of steel people exclusive super bowls. In order to become a “strongest dynasty team” on the number of wins! Of course, there is a small problem. They have recently won the 2014, 2016 and 2018 season. It seems that even the law is not only MLB’s San Francisco giant, and the patriot now needs to break such menstruation.