NFL camp beginning they threw a long pass Panthers quarterback Newton full of blood return from injury

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End of last season because of right shoulder injury, Kanmu – Newton simply could not throw the ball more than 30 yards, so once the first training camp practice, the camp will usher in more than twice is 40 yards long pass card Luo Laina Panthers (Carolina Panthers) best able to see a positive signal. Newton has entered the ninth year of his career, he frequently suffered injuries, have always been worried about.

“He is healthy and ready to play, he looks good though have to continue to observe, but at least for now I feel good for him..” Quarterbacks coach Scott – Turner (Scott Turner) said Thursday night . In January, Newton conducted a second three offseason shoulder surgery, and Newton was no way in the last two games of the 2018 season to continue to support, put off the bench four in the case can not enter the playoffs Shooting guard training. The surgery is not 2017 partial tear of the rotator cuff repair surgery less complicated. Doctors have arthroscopic surgery to clean up scar tissue resulting in severe pain.

According to Newton was saying – he felt an immediate release.

On Wednesday, when the players report to Wofford College, the Panthers coach Ron – Rivera (Ron Rivera), said Newton will pass count early in training camp. Turner said the 30-year-old has been in Newton Thursday took a normal load, threw about 40 passes in team and individual training.

Turner said that if they do need some training to make him a larger load, such as fast-break training for 2 minutes before the whistle, maybe they will reduce training, but today, if you are in training camp last year saw their first training sessions, then you will find all the training this year – and exactly the same as last year, even the training times are exact figures. This is the best proof of a good recovery. “

Feel good most visible signs of Newton, he took out Curtis – Samuel (Curtis Samuel) threw a long note to convey the array, and the ball flying in the sky over a distance of 40 yards, in addition to the proximal Feng Chris – Man Hezi (Chris Manhertz) 45 yards.

Turner said: “Just who is neutral, to whom Newton would pass without any restrictions he like anyone else we practice here…” Newton is not as usual for the first time in Wofford Gibbs Stadium as unassuming during practice, he was no longer as in the past few years, as in the rest time and fans crowd “flying self.”

He put all the focus was relaxed and try to keep the focus, all this can be seen from the training: a long pass in the second half of last season Cheng Zhongcheng order Kanmu – Newton’s heart, let him shoulder injury no way to outstanding performance in the long-range air strike, while in training camp two long record of success pass him even more excited. Maybe it’s just two simple long pass, but is confident he can make an important node for the next season.

Later, Newton did not talk to the media, but others on the team, then it is ultimately up, such as Rivera, said:. “We hear everything, see everything, all pointing in the direction he was ready to go This is not only good for us, he is also good for, he is now like being called clever. “

Team starting tight end Greg – Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) accepts two years after the second foot surgery, he added: “This is the first night spent with his teammates, which is everyone want to see. “let Newton be restored to a healthy state to the team and the audience has brought vitality, do not forget, the fans witnessed the Panthers lost seven consecutive games after a 6-2 start in 2018, it is belong Carolina heartbreaking season.

Kanmu – Newton is now very happy to be with his teammates to play here again, Newton himself feeling very happy. Good health and good luck can all teammates do not doubt Kanmu – Newton’s self-confidence.

After training, Turner said Newton: “Hey, good to have you back.”

“Yes ah, good to be back.” Newton said.