NFL boss’s ignition of players? Light-powered team’s close-end reflection James remarks

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Just as last week, NBA Well-known Star Royal – James slammed NFL’s boss in TV show had a “slave mentality” for players; we have a special report on this incident. After a week, I finally jumped out to refute James’s remarks. This person is the Los Angeles Lightning Team’s Greetry Near Tight Antonio – Gates.

James has talked about the topic about NFL before HBO TV show. He was very glad that he chose basketball instead of football because he thought NBA Alliance and the team boss gave players more respect. “Most of the NFL team boss is some old white, so they will have a slave attitude. It is like this ‘this is my team. You should do it according to what I said, otherwise you will glow’ ! “

When TMZ sports interviewed Antonio-Gates, he said that he would not buy anything about LeBron James, he said that NFL players know what he will get when signing the contract.

“I don’t know all the team boss, I only know my boss; and I have a very good relationship with my boss. And this is a professional sports, you have received remuneration through the game.” Gates added, “We all know what we signed for what we are!”

As for the difference between NBA and NFL, Gates said he really hoped that NFL would generally gave a safe contract like James, but he still didn’t see NFL’s boss had a so-called “slave mentality”. “A lot of players can live very well, and there is enough ability to support their family life, only this is only.” Gates said.

As the near-end (116 times) of the number of people in history, Antonio Gates, which is in the alliance, the 16 seasons, can also be described as “alive fossil” in today’s alliance. At the age of 38, he has already left the stage before this season. However, the Lightning Team mainly took the lead Herne Hengant-Henry’s cruciate ligament, making the team have to recall him. In the first 15 games in this season, he pushed 333 yards to get 2 times. After successful transformation role, completed his work again; helping the flash of 11 wins and 4 losses At the same time, he and the quarter-off “Da River” Philip-Rivers also successfully ranked among the first five partners in the NFL history.

Now, he wants to attack the old bowl once again.