NFL Beckham: "The new quadrupanic arm is too different from the giant team."

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External handkerchief Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) has a lot of need to adapt: ??new team, new offense, new environment … but critical is the new quarter.

Beckham, who is selected for professional bowls, to engage in Baker Mayfield, adapt to the rapid pass of the other party. Since I didn’t participate in voluntary team training, this is the first time Bakeham works with Mefield.

Beckham told reporters: “His arm is too much, I need to adjust the speed of adapt to him. He passed the ball and slap, the feeling of catching the ball on the first day is ‘Wow, it is really different.’ This needs. Some time, anyway, we started in September. “

Beckham also praised Mefield dared to stand the style of chest, this is completely different from him before the giant team.

Beckham said: “I know that I will always support him … You are also clear that the famous ‘is this is my quarter-卫 图 对?’. Beck is my friend before I came here, my brother Now he is still my quarter-saving. I will always support him. “