NBA’s most beautiful wife, Huo Ford is not shallow, Vanichsa charm stills

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In addition to the performance of the player in the NBA Alliance, the wife of the NBA is also a beautiful landscape outside the court! When they play in their respective husbands, they will cheer in the game, and then let’s take a look at the beautiful wife of each star in NBA!

1 Speaking that Kobe Branet must be very familiar, even if he has already left us, his one smile deeply impressed in our mind. Speaking of Kobe, he has to mention his beautiful wife “Vanichsa” he and Kobe Qingmei bamboo horse, with a very enviable love! Vannisa is very outstanding, even if it is still half old in 40 years old, Feng Yun stills.

2 Tony Parker French star NBA front spurs players, follow the Spurs four-winning NBA championship! Although Parker played its own price in NBA, he did not smoothly! Married in 2007 with glamorous Iva Land Gria, I thought Eva and Parker’s combination of Lang Talent woman, but unfortunately, because the two sides of the marriage eventually disadvantages, even if Eva is still many men Goddess in the mind!

3 El Huford can be said to be NBA’s life winner, not only the stadium is proud, and the love is very smooth! Huo Ford’s wife Emisia is Miss Global, whether it is a good value, and his wife’s feelings are not good, you have to say that Huo Ford is really bright!

4 Stephen Liberation is definitely a period of the existence of James, he leads the Warriors to win the NBA championship in four years, and I will win the regular game MVP a trophy in the four consecutive times! But everyone doesn’t know that there is also a very beautiful wife in the field outside, and it is a home style. It is said that the Curre will give all the wages to the wife “Aesha”, such a wife can let Curry in NBA The more assured of the stadium doesn’t have worries!

5 Brent Barry’s wife “Irene”, is also a beautiful number of NBAs, with the charm of the magic of the number! However, Barry and his wife’s marriage are not happy. The reason is that they have their own good brothers Spurs stars Tonypack, which is said that Irene and Parker are derailed, which at the time of NBA is not small lace news. But Parker is also a full slag man. Afterwards, it is only playing with Ine, and the two do not have the result, and the white burial has sent two families, and it is a red disaster!