NBA Three News: Zhan Huang elbow is blocked, the Curry gives the 82-year-old man pass the ball, Wei Shao is a skill

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Yesterday, the biggest incident was definitely a James elbow Strips. According to the referee report after the game, James’s elbow has no penalty or deliberately, but he does use a lot of action to hurt Sturt. After James game, I also apologize to my barbaric behavior, I don’t know if Stewart can spare him this action and listen to his apology and forgive James.

James elbow incident grabbed the headers of all the headers of all news yesterday, continued until today’s fermentation event. The whole American media is talking about James’s movements. Is there a movement of a professional athlete, and his behavior has violated the face and morality of a league brother. A series of discussions of James’ s behavior. My opinion is: https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comWhether you are supporting Lao Zhan or in his opposite, James is a high IQ, a player’s player, he is the one player who is the most behavior, anything I want to shake him for 19 years. The signboard is impossible. So, I trust James didn’t deliberate elbow hitting opponents, very unfortunately Stewart did violent. If it is a famous player, this kind of thing will be small, just in the army of the League, this kind of thing will be unprecedented.

The Warriors came home from an 82-year-old man. What is the special? In fact, all the old people are the same, and they will act slowly at a certain old. The old man is a man who has been supporting the warrior to this age. When he had been paying attention to the Golden Warrior when he was difficult, and the Warrior experienced
another brilliance. So the elderly witnessed all the policies of the Warriors.

He said: I witnessed the Golden Warriors of the Golden Warrior to eliminate the alliance of the Golden League, a classic scene floated in the mind. And the Warriors of the Warriors a few years ago, he still remembered. Witnessing the power of the Warriors, even if you are gone, you will have no regrets.

This cute and kind old man, playing from the free throw line to a layup, you can do a little slowly. Under the requirements of the media friends, Curry passed the 82-year-old man in the bottom of the basket, and used this as a inheritance, a generation of old people and a generation of kings, the picture is extremely beautiful. The pass of the Curry, the old man can be easily throwing, the ball is smashed on the basket, and the ball should take into the basket. The 82-year-old man is excited like a child, he and the Curry are warm and embracing, and the Curry tells his admiration in the ear of the elderly.

Yesterday, the Lakers and the Pistons staged a play of Davis, Davis, Jordan, and Wei Shao act as the role of the wicked actors, but the players who got the skills were only a few people.

After the game, Wei Shao participated in the press conference, and the reporter asked: What do you think about what you receive? Wei Shao is very surprised: I have to be a skill? I do not know how? He looked at his own data, which clearly shows yourself a techniciator. Wei Shao said: what? I didn’t even know that I got a statement. If you are not your reporter give me, I will not think that I can be added a techniciator. At the press conference, Wei Shao had a good thing for himself.

He said: Maybe because I am Wisbrook! People will want to use a variety of ways to get a victory in the away. Reporter: You play the scene of the scene to the upgrade, the referee is also a gunpowder flavor for your skills. Wei Shao: I can understand this, but I am just ahead of the person, I am nothing to have for the upgrade of the fire medicine! I also hope that the alliance can treat events in front.