NBA-Rockets to announce the report! 2 big new star fear is absent, Wood is injured to hinder 5 games

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The Rockets have recently been very outstanding. After the end of the 15th losers, they will win 4 consecutive victories, and the finals will be recorded in the first place, become the first in the history of NBA, after 15+ losers, can immediately complete the 4-game winning ball team. The final competition rocket will sit on the home to meet the magic. The front team has updated the injury report, and 2 new stars in the backfinder may be absent. The inner line is not a problem.

The game is facing the Thunder, and the smallbot did not play in the second half. The injury given by the team was the thigh squeezed, and then she took out the game. The small port state of the game is still good, three points 5 in 3, contributing 10 points 2 rebounds 1 assists 2 steals, so that other players played in the team, helping the team win the game. And the name of Tim Macmahon reported that the small Porter’s thigh injury is aggravated, and it may be absent for a while. Whether it is a small waveite or a rocket, it is a blow. He before he was absent because the thigh injured, and the return was restored after returning. I didn’t expect it to absent. Although the small port is placed
in the list of doubts, the probability of the appearance is not large.

Green is still in the leg tease. He is hurt in the game in the rocket to defeat the bull. At the time, he was hit by Kobe Whisped in a breakthrough, and injured. Green Face is still unable to play, and will be evaluated next week, and then determine when to return to the team. The first season of his career is not very good, 14 points 3.1 rebound 2.3 assists in average, with only 38.2%, and there are many ways to improve.

Fortunately, in the team’s core Wood injury is not a big problem, he is also injured in the competition of the Thunder, encountered an ankle sprain. In a shot, he returned to the stadium in the second quarter, and he could not stick to it after a few minutes. In the injury report, Wood was placed in a probabrication list, 75% of the probability.

Wood is able to return to the team’s help or a big, the inner line will also be touched so that external shooters will get more opportunities. Wood’s recent state is also very hot. It is not only for 9 minutes. It has contributed 24.3 points 15.7 rebounds 3 assists 2.3, which is a team that can achieve a winning victory in the three games. And this time to fight magic, he will also take the team to hit 5 consecutive victories, and continue the momentum of the winning victory. At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, the Rockets held the magic at home.