NBA Preview: Warriors defend the first throne, the sun strives to win 17 games, who is the battle of the battle?

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The Warriors currently 18 wins and 2 losses, still tall the top alliance list.In the past 15 games, the Warriors were only on the junior pussy on the road, and the last 105 more than 90, the second 7 consecutive victory in November, the momentum is very strong.Curry cuts 33 points 5 rebounds 6 assists 6 steals, Weilins, Poole and Burto also scored a double. The full team hit rate reached 44.2%, and the outer line 40 is 17. The hit rate is also reached by 42.5%. If you sayWhat is the shortcoming of the offensive end, that is, the
free throw 22 is only 12.But relying on tenacious defensive, let the outer line of the shuttle only 28 9, locked the most of the points except George.