NBA net efficiency is 4, the Warriors have 3 people! This is too fierce! Do you know which people?

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The NBA is 4 in the top 4, and there are three Warriors players! Did you notice?

The first place in the net efficiency list is Rudy-Gair, his net efficiency is 27.9.

The second place is Igodala, his net efficiency is 21.5.

The third place is the library, the net efficiency of sprouting is 20.8.

The fourth place is Otto Potter, his net efficiency is 15.9.

Have to say, today’s Warriors are really a tiger-Tang Dragon, the master is like a cloud, they still have this top card!

The return of Igodala has brought a certain help to the Warriors. Don’t think that Idala is a big age today, just look at him.

In fact, the Idodara treasure knife is not old, there is still a battle force. He and the Warriors are mutual achievements. The Warriors needed him that this veteran is stabilizing the military heart, giving young people to the heart pill; the Warriors also gave him enough respect and trust. Igodala is familiar with the warriors’ tactical play, familiar with Cole’s coaching method, he knows Kuriglin, which can be fused quickly with the team. Here he played more relaxed and played more energy.

Igodala is not only net efficiency, but his defensive efficiency is more exaggerated. His current defensive value is 88.6, and the force majeure is high.

And Potter’s joining also benefited the Warriors in both ends of the attack and defense.

Potter was in the Warriors, in fact, the Net Lakers have thrown the olive branch to him, but Potter finally chose to join hands in the library, seek common careers.

Porter can open the breakthrough space for the offensive end, and he can projection three points outside. His fields in this season can invest 1.6, three points, three-point hit rate up to 42.6%. He can also look at the opportunity, do not occupy the ball.

At the defensive end, he is a trusted iron gate. He can rush to three lines and interfere with the outside player’s projection; he can also have a big one in the inner line. Coordination is also very good. And he can always fight to the key rebound.

Because the team is like a cloud, you can experience the taste of lying in time from time to time. Such a warrior is undoubtedly more powerful.

Brothers, do you think this season warrior can entertaine?