NBA Historical Championship Rings Five people, referring to the ring of the king, only the second!

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On June 26th, Beijing time, after the NBA Finals this year, the Warriors won again, so that all the leagues have a number of players who have received three championships, including James, Curry and Wade, Thompson These players, who will take the lead in getting the fourth champion ring in the career, will become a big look at the next season, but in the long NBA history, Jordan rings can’t talk more, those people who have a total champion ring More than a pair of hands can’t bring down, let’s https://www.nbatrikots4.comcount the top five people in the NBA history champion ring, the total number of rings includes the individual player era and the sum of the era of coaches!

5, red coach, Albach, he got 9 championships, and 9 rings were all he got as coaches, so he has always been considered to be the most successful coach of NBA, he get it The year of the champion ring is 1957, 1959-1966, yes, it is the age of Celtic eight joints, and many times have long since the time. We can only feel his legend through data!

4, Hein Soen. Still is a member of the Celtics, he won 8 championships in the Celtics in 1957, 1959-1965, after the Celtics, after the 1974 and 1976, with the team The coach’s identity, in the Celtics continue to receive two championships, a total of 10 championships in the whole career, just wear his hands!

3, Sam Jones, the same 10 champion rings, so he is in parallel with Hein Soen. However, the 10 champion rings of Sam Jones career is all taken by the players, including 8 championships that were taken during the Celtics eight joints, and then in 1968 and 1969, he Take the two champions, can only say, fortunately, he did not continue to take the coach’s ring after retiring!

2, Russel, about Rally is not unfamiliar, because he is what people often say, and Russell is always a big mountain to discuss the great player, and when the old man is still in the finals The FMVP trophy was issued because his era did not set up an FMVP award. He said that the ring of the king is still only in the NBA history. He got 11 champion rings. He is a player’s identity to get 11 championships. It is history. The people who have got the most championship with the players, of which two champions in 1968 and 1969, his identity is players and coaches!

1, Zen Master Phil Jackson, although Jackson is in the player’s era, a total of two champions have been taken from 1970, 1973 in the Knicks, but as the main coach, the Zen Master may be the most legendary character. He is in 1991 to 1993, 1996-1998, and 2000-2002, a total of three consecutive championships, history is not there! Two of them were partners with Jordan, once in cooperation with Kobe, O’Neill, Zen Master’s career got 13 championships, rejoiced NBA history first!

In fact, there is a person who is very likely to kill this top five list. Maybe you didn’t think of it, that is, the warrior coach Stephen Cole, as of now, Cole got 8 championships, and the Warriors also If you continue to win, the only blocking of Cole, it may be his back hurt, otherwise he will get 10 championships with his age and Warriors.

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