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Piston VS fast ship

The shuttle is easy to defeat the piston

American Professional Basketball Alliance Pistons VS Clippers (-11.5)

The playback of the piston is not suspected to lose to the buck, and the team has recently encountered 4 links. Both Grant and Corningham on the game were struggled, Grant got 13 points, three-pointers 6 shots 1. Corning Ham took 9 points 8 rebounds 7 assists, although it is full, it is relatively low, and it is far from reaching the team’s expectations.

The clipper is currently 10 wins and 8 losses in the western part. The game will take the game. They will fight for the Supreme, George still has a stable play to win 26 points 9 rebounds 6 assists, Leiji also contributed 31 points and 10 rebounds. However, due to the weakness of the internal line, the final team is still suffering. Zumbatz is completely under the strike in the confrontation of Port, Gitz, and the team also needs to pass more protection through the defensive wheel.

This game SMG Index opened the home team’s fast ship to let 11.5 points, the end of the season is still very good, but the inner line is a weakness, but the power of the piston’s own inside is not strong, plus young players still Most of them are fighting, and the fast ship front line is a good strength, and it is easy to win, and it is recommended to make a division.

Forest wolf VS wasp

Forest wolf full blossom passenger won

American Professional Basketball League Forest Wolf VS Wasp (-2.5)

The forest wolf rose to the seventh place in the western part after winning a wave, and Edwards although there is a beautiful slice of punishment to punish foul, it does not hinder his contribution of 33 points and 14 rebounds 6 assists 3 steals. Wonderful performance. Todes is not good to win 11 points, but he has a good performance in the defensive end. Bisley replaces 29 points is also an important force that the team wins. The forest wolf is mainly a young player who is not stable enough.

The wasp in the 2nd game after 2 winning victories, the Bay of 12 wins and 8, Rozil recently showed very well, but he not only cut 27 points 5 assists in the game, but also got a new height of his career. Although Hayward’s hand-sensitive ice-cold sports war did not go into the ball, Bauer and Ubreg were successfully filled with vacancies on score. This young military gradually got a good time, and they were expected to become a splendor in the eastern part.

This game, the SMG index opened the main team isp, this is a consensus of the two youth, the recent forest wolf is more than the wasp, and Edwards is quite exciting this season. Although the wasp is good, but the offensive point is slightly a bit slightly Single, optimistic about the forest wolf, and recommend the division.

Sun VS Knicks

Knicks sitting home shooting sun

American Professional Basketball League Sun VS Nicks (+2.5)

The sun is currently gains 14 consecutive victories. They follow the 10-loss record of the Warriors in the western part, which also created the best record of the first 18 games before the team. The game Bucker is highly scored 35 points. Paul still plays the team’s main bone role. He contributed 17 minutes to 12 assists, and in the last two minutes to help the team to lock the victory. The sun quickly adjusted the championship to the championship in the season.

Knicks loses 10 wins and 8th, and the game is around the game. Although Ross continues to lack, other role players in the team have 6 people who have achieved a double. When the star Landel stabilized, the company won 20 points and 16 rebounds, Fu Kie was re-looking to get 26 points. However, Walker still did not find his own score. The whole game just got 6 points, once he fully integrated into the team, Knicks will have a more powerful combat.

This game, the competitive index opened the tour team, so that the sun recently made strong performance, Knicks is not a good bone, and the upper field faces the strong knight, the sun is difficult to win, after a long time to win the ball The team seems to have entered the tired period, and the people in Knick beat the lake in the boom. This game is likely to use the main situation to shoot the sun.

Bull VS Magic

Bull refuses to explode

American Professional Basketball League Bull VS Magic (+6.5)

Bulls have recently encountered 2 losers, and they are even more unexpectedly lost to the rocket, and the team’s overall defense is not ideal by the rocket. Although Ravin cut 28 points, Durzan and Wuhewi, both of them are stateful, and they will face weak travel magic. If they want the team, they want to take this game to boost minces.

The magic is currently 4 afterliding, the team continues in the eastern bottom, the team’s large-scale injuries make this season, they moved forward this season, and the two of Anthony and Rossi are also affected by the injury. Other young players are playing. It is not stable, and the O’zi Basi Season with flash performance last season is also flat. It seems that the road to magic rebuild is still relatively long.

This game, the game, the bull is 6.5 points, and the game bull faces the weak travel rocket accident. It is necessary to take the game. They will definitely seriously have a turning situation, and it is estimated that the Bull will easily win the victory. Let the victory.

Eagle VS Grizzly

State Zhengjia Eagle Ground

American Professional Basketball League Eagle VS Grizzlies (-1.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The old eagle has recently been good. After a wave of six-winning win, the ranking has risen to the ninth of the Eastern part. In the game, they played very well in the game, and the whole team had eight people to score the double. Take 31 points 7 rebounds 11 assists data, this is also the performance of his career 34th single field at least 30 points, 10 assists, the same period and Harden, if you continue to maintain this momentum, the eagle’s ranking will continue to climb.

Grizzlies played to the Raptors, nine wins and nine negative them are currently ranked in the eighth place in the west, with the deepening of the season, the trend of Grizzlies and the performance of the star Morrant, but So far, they still maintain the highest-all-all-all-all-all-league, which can take 53.6 points in the penalty area, but their defensive performance is getting worse and worse, and the average is lost 115.5 points. If you can’t upgrade defense, They obviously won’t go too far.

SMG allows the main team to make 1.5 points. Considering the current performance of the two teams, the eagle is in the best winning moment, while the Grizzlies are unstable, and their bad defensive is in the face of the eagle Will vulnerability, the author believes that the eagle will continue to win, and recommend the victory.

Raptors VS Past

Rule the main line of the main field

American Professional Basketball League Raptors VS Pedestrian (-4.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

The Raptors played the Grizzlies, but they were still in the east, according to the performance of the season, in accordance with the performance of the season, the quota of the season seems to have some difficulties, the team is currently scored in the team Encouncing the problem of injury, and has absent a few games, and the wounded Casykam performance is also very unstable. It is even more badly for their substitute players to contribute very little, and only 25 of the league bottoms is only 25 points. The Raptors want to change difficulties.

The pedestrians have gave the Lakers after the game, but the performance they have passed in the past is still enough to satisfy the fans, and after the team’s lineup is complete, the walker is equipped enough to be in the inside and outside, and the new Xiudu Alte has already showcted it. He exceeded the maturity of age. In the game competition, he borrowed his three-pointer in desperation, helping the team to drag the game into time, as long as it stayed, the pedestrian will have a big chance to compete for the quota of the playoffs.

SMG allows the main team to make 4.5 points. Considering that Anu Norbi is still in the injury list, the internal line of the Raptors is also very weak, and the walker is complete, and the inner line has Sabinis and The combination of Turner, the author believes that unless the Raptors can play the player’s overtime, it is difficult to take away the victory in the road, and recommend the division.

Wizards VS Thunder

Stop the Wizards to take the Thunder

American Professional Basketball League Wizards VS Thunder (-7.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The nearest state of Wizards appeared, and the ranking of the two losers declined to the fourth place in the eastern part. The team currently appeared in a small problem, and the average score was only 105.6 points in the downstream level of the league. In the game, they first fans only had two digits, and the latter only got 11
points in 8 shots 2, and how to adjust how tomorrow’s competition coach is worthy of attention.

The Thunder has recently encountered four losses. In the past seven games they only got a victory of a game, currently only in the 12th of the west, but the current lineup configuration, fans to them The record will not have too high expectations, and the team’s star Alexander has suffered a problem, and it has been absent a few games. Only a few games left in Dort and Kidi in the team can reach two digits. This situation is obviously difficult to win.

SMG allows the master team to make 7.5 points, considering that the two teams have encountered a losing streak, but the wonderful lineup is better than the player’s ability, as long as the adjustment is properly returned to the right track, and the Thunder this is the Alexander’s injury Disease, other players are difficult to undertake the leader role, the author believes that the Wizard will easily win a victory in the road, and recommend the victory.

Celtics vs Spurs

Continue to join the spurs at home, no enemy

American Professional Basketball League Celtics VS Spurs (+3.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The Celtics played a big proportion to the old opponent Net, and the three consecutive victories were ended in the tenth place in the eastern part. The performance of the team’s double exploration in this game was not good. Tamat Only 15 points in the 16th shot, Brown, who just returned, was also 13 points in 15, if the double-explored flowers can’t open the green army, it is difficult to get opportunities, and tomorrow’s game R-Williams continues to miss the war Brown is a state of punching.

The Spurs have recently encountered six joints, the ranking is also the same as the thirteenth of the western part. Since there is no absolute star in this season, the team’s score distribution is relatively balanced. At present, there are more than seven people in their lineup. The field score reached two digits, the spurs were ranked in front of the alliance in assists and substitute scores, but they treated the shortcomings of the ball in the competition. At present, Wassel and McDotmot are In the lack of injuries.

SMG allows the team to open the team to give 3.5 points. Considering that the state of the Spurs is not too good, the defensive performance in the past few games is very bad, and the green army has a defeated defeated, but Previously, the state of Tutum was obvious. If Brown can continue to play, the author believes that the Green Army will win the victory in this game, and recommend the victory.

Buck VS Nugget

The wounded soldiers are full of mining status, and the Bucks will win the Nuggets.

American Professional Basketball League Buck VS Nuggets (+2.5)


Beijing time November 27, 2021, the Nuggets were sitting on the hometown.


Nuggets: Yaki (right wrist / play doubt), Potter (back), Halan (ankle), Murray (front cross ligament torn).

Bucks: Ogilele (Thigh), Lopez (Back), Dwenzo (ankle).

Bucks have recently ushered in a wave of race, and they gain 5 consecutive victories with 5 elements, and these five opponents are two-war magic, pistons, and the Lakers who are very unstable before, they are also With this wave 5, the ranking of the eight-eight-eighth ranking is ranked into sixth position. In this way, in addition to the letter brother is still stable, Pots’ broke out is the key. He has contributed two pairs of data in the nearest 4 victory, and the 5-game winner contributes 19.9 points 10.8 rebounds.

Nuggets recently lost a wave of 5 games, and the team also directly dropped directly from the first group to the 10th place in the western part, the injury problem of the team’s current injury is very serious, and in the case of Murray, it is far away, Potter in the last season encounters the back injury looks very serious, Dozore is a big injury to the cross ligament torn, and the only thing that can be hit, and the team is currently really called. There are no players who can stably output.

The game SMG out the Nuggets at home transferee 2.5 points, Jokic current injury is unknown whether the play is still uncertain, the Nuggets in the game he did not show debut pretty bad. Bucks here are basically the beginning of the season on the injured suspended players, and recent state well not be a problem. Recommended transferee main negative.

Pelican Sir VS

Pelican bad state of the road, the Jazz home win easily

American professional basketball league Pelicans VS Jazz (-11.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

Beijing time on November 27, 2021, Pelican sits at home against the Jazz.


Pelican: Silva (suspended), Williamson (right foot), Holmes (right fibula stress fracture).

Sir: Hughes (sick).

With Ingram outstanding performance of 26 + 21 + 5 and Kovalam Qiu Nasi 11, as well as the audience six players in double figures, pelicans beat the Wizards with 25 points at home to usher in the new season so far the most hearty victory, this pelican season long suppressed in the absence of Zion, once the season ranked in the bottom of the league no signs of a rebound, but the recent victory over the Clippers and Wizards can be a small rebound, respectively, while the current injury situation has become increasingly Zion well, it is estimated injury time will not be too far away.

Reconstruction of the face of Thunder, Jazz nearly capsized lose the game away, the whole performance is very bad, the first 46 minutes only scored seven points in the final moments to usher in a small outbreak of Mitchell, it was his key Glenealy 6 points to help the ball under team won the tough victory. However, the current situation, the Jazz this season, although the performance is not bad but quite serious state of ups and downs, including the previous wave 4 5 battle negative performance so that they fell out of the chase Warriors, the first group of the sun. But the next wave 4 even home race and they can take advantage of the opportunity to catch up with the previous.

The game SMG out of the home to 11.5 points jazz, jazz recent state of ups and downs relatively large, especially in itself can be called a devil at home in Salt Lake City also appeared five games and three losses, but the bigger issue here pelican the new season has 10 road losing nine games, averaging 13.3 points lost, combined with their recent 7 Handicap all lose, so I still believe more strength Jazz regain status, handicap main recommendation wins.

Trail Blazers VS Warriors

In case of home Long insects away, the Warriors beat the Blazers continue winning streak

American professional basketball league Trail Blazers VS Warriors (-7.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

Beijing time on November 27, 2021, the Warriors sits at home against Portland.


Blazers: Simmons (respiratory disease).

Warriors: Andre Iguodala (hip), Wiseman (knee), Thompson (Achilles tendon).

Han Fu King away after the Blazers away insects be sitting real name, and this season they made just nine away a victory, the victory was achieved in the worst state of the rocket body. But while poor away record, but the team has several key players in the state are good, facing the king Lillard scored 32 + 6 + 10, 28 + contribution Noor Keech 17 + 5, 22, Powell also points for Houston, although McCollum feel bad but there are also 13 + 5 + 6 data fetched, offensive Blazers have absolute power and any exchange that team, but the away defense problem is very serious.

Is a reversal, but also a great second half performance, the Warriors face 76 missing three core, they are 11 points behind the first section, up to 19 points behind, is such a case the Warriors staged a big comeback and eventually win 20 points, inside and outside in up to 39-point reversal. Curry “unexciting” undoubtedly the best hit 6 three-pointers, but the team’s players play too much, Payton, Potter, Bjelica turns the recent outbreak, which is a reversal of a well-deserved hero Anderson one of his vote total in this field 6 contributions versatile data 13 + 6 + 6, called the pioneer officer of the Warriors counterattack.

The game SMG out of the Warriors home to 7.5 points, the Blazers this season, losing nine games away insects near eight games, the Warriors had a strong performance at home and take high 9-game winning streak, while the Warriors home called the devil, his wave while nine straight field H at 118.6 points, lost only 98 points, both ends ranked list. The odds of the field open points difference is not low, and will not allow the Warriors to become hot. Recommended Warriors handicap primary wins.

Kings VS Lakers

Return home neat lineup, the Lakers defeat the Kings welcome rebound

National Basketball League Kings VS Lakers (-6.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

Beijing time on November 27, 2021, the Lakers sits at home against the king.


King: None.

Lakers: Davis (illness / play in doubt), Reeves (hamstring), Nunn (right knee bone bruise), Trevor Ariza (ankle).

With 7 players in double figures, scoring 10 people have credited the rotation of team performance, Kings get their first victory after the dismissal of Wharton, and as an offensive coach, interim coach Alvin Gentry also implement a fast counter-attack the idea that this score of 125 and all the players can score demonstrates his ability, but the team is still no breathing room for the next few pieces of the opponent are not good crop.

With James, the audience 39 + 5 + 6, including the deadly three-pointers in overtime, including two in mind, the Lakers beat the Pacers won the thrilling end of the game even off his 5 race, but lost four games on the recent performance of 6 games , the problems faced by the team is still very great, the team is currently ranked only ninth west, and the beginning of this season, they are considered to be hot favorite to win far.

The game SMG Lakers let out 6.5, king of the recent relatively poor state, although a win over Portland, but no way to hide their weakness recent losing streak. Lakers ups and downs in the recent state is very large, even though the end of the 5 passengers back home can be considered an adjustment, on a sick eyebrows Columbia probability be able to return, squad neat they are still a strong team. Recommended handicap primary wins.

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