NBA | 75th Anniversary Star All furnace Lillad is selected to attract it, Yao Ming is unfortunately

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On the 22nd of Beijing time, NBA history 75 big stars officially released, Jordan, Kobe, Duncan, O’Neill, Zhang Bolun and other legendary bistro, the previous NBA50 big demarcation is all selected; active players Zhong James and Durant lead 11 people Listening. But Lillad’s selection triggered an external dispute. At the same time, Yao Ming, Chinese fans, is also not in the list, this is a regret.

This year, the NBA75 anniversary, in this important historical moment, NBA selection 75 big stars. Previously, NBA has selected 50 big stars at the 50th anniversary. This year, NBA has once again combed and selection of the role and status of historical stars. This selection covers the previous 50 big stars, but also added some of the active stars. It includes players such
as James, Durant. But it is quite controversial.

It is obvious to the ruling power and super performance of Lierad, which is obvious. It is even more important that Lillad is a special existence in the alliance. He has never been willing to follow the model of the superstar to compete for the championship. He is even more hope that he will bring our team to complete such a great job.

Even so, Lillad has a big difference in the band team, and does not say the championship, even a finals, he has not entered, which is also an important reason why he is not qualified to be selected. On the same year, there may be some controversial Davis, and the latter has also received the championship in the Lakers, and Lillad is too much in this regard. The type and performance of Lilad, in fact, in the long history of NBA, nor is not rare.

Yao Ming, who is concerned about Chinese fans, has not appeared in the 75th anniversary of the selected list. Such a result is some regrettable. Although Yao Ming is not too long in NBA, he does not have a particular good record with the Rockets, but Yao Ming’s role and value are far more than these. And his positive impact on NBA and basketball in the world is also long-term.

From multiple angles and levels, Yao Ming should be selected.

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Song Xiang

Editor / Zhang Yingchuan