National Union finals Dodge staged the sky reversed away from the scene 4-3 defeating the winemaker

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: On October 14th, Beijing time, the second game of the National Union Championship continued to carry out the Miller Park Stadium at homemade team. In the case of 0-3 behind, the Daoqi team staged the Istanbelom miracle, half-connected in the upper half of the 7th game and 8 games, away from the passenger, and the big score also chased 1 -1.

[Data Highlight]

Mei Ye has made good deeds, 5.2 no loss

Mei Ye has made good deeds, 5.2 no loss

Wine Scenery: First Pointer Meri Main Investment 5.2 Bureau, send 3 three vibrations, ERA0.00. Catcher Axia and the second bases Travis – Xiao’s contribution 1 support.

Dodge: Berlin 1 is playing, 1 points. Peterson 2 is playing. Turner 2 is played, 2 points, contributing to a reverse 2 division.

[Competition process]

The first half of the game: the winemaker team first hair is very good, although it is hit by the second great Turner, but it has been killed with a three-vibrate, the outer countryside, the way in the wild roll. Solved Taylor, Fries, Machashama.

1 Half: Liu Xianzhen and Meri are the same, and it is also hit by the second rod, Jeregi, but has solved Kane, Baoy, the way, the three-vibration, and the outer country of the game. Well and Allagier three players.

The second half of the 2 games: Meri is better than the first game, Kemp, Ernand, Pujie, was killed by the earth, and the inner flying ball killed and cracked the way.

South Korea's national team's king of Zuo Xianzhen sent a wonderful one

South Korea’s national team’s king of Zuo Xianzhen sent a wonderful one

2 half half of the bureau: Liu Xianzhen is to let Mustas roll the earth, then three vibrate Xiao, and finally, the hit of Krason was received by the second base.

The first half of the 3 games: Merry is still outstanding, let Baris and Liu Xian hit the earth, and then the three vibrated a good Taylor.

The second half of the 3rd Bureau: This Council first is Liu Xianzhen to let the Agia high-speed balls are killed, although next to Meri knock out of a second base. But then he sang the Kane, and let Jeregia roll the earth. Performance is still perfect

The 4 games were half: Merry solved Turner, Fris, Macha, three players in the way of three rolls. The direction is, the guerrilla area, the second base, the guerrilla area.

4 The second half of the 4th Bureau: The number of the bureau is similar, and Liu Xianzhen is a roll of the earth to solve Braun, and then he is knocking out of Alagier, but he will follow Zhen Musakas, let Xiao Rolling earth.

5 games: Merry’s way to solve the player’s way is still efficient, first kills by the Chinese and foreign wilderness, followed by Ernand, and finally let the Puji Gundate are killed.

Keyne played the second base to play, Meri hit the three bases

Keyne played the second base to play, Meri hit the three bases

5 The second half of the game: Dodgers have been put on the Babhlin, and they have also been exchanged. This Council finally broke the deadlock on the field. Liu Xianzhen is the first to let Kranson rushed to go out, followed by the arrested Assa to knock out a home run 1-0. Then, the pitcher Meri knocked out a place, followed by Kane, and pulled into the three bases. Subsequently, the team’s four-bad balls will be able to build Yelic, the team is formed, and the team has to change the Liu Xianzhen. Cow shed pitcher Len Madison board, but then Braun hits a sacrifice to help team friend Merry score, 2-0. However, in the next, he also resorveed Aguilar to resolve the crisis.

6 bureaus: Merry first let Baris high-speed balls are killed, and Dorel, who is playing in the subsequent, is killed because of not nutritious small balls. After Taylor knocked out a place, the winemaker changed the Meri, the cowshed pitcher Barnes appeared. After the debut, he gave Turner’s high-spirited high-speed ball to end half a game.

6 bureaus: First, Wood’s first rescue, after San Zhen Musakas, he was taken out of a home run, 3-0. The Dodge is adding on the snow. Wood is then replaced by the Terminator, and the latter will let Krason and Assia will take the way to kill the earth and high-speed ball.

7 bureaus: Dodge team began to counterattack! Mangsi played in Frisse, Mangxi on the top. Then, Macha, tapped out of the play, Mangxi on the second base. Berlin, who came to play, immediately knocked out, Mangsi scored, 1-3. Jeffris played Barnes pitch. Peterson also knocked out to play, forming a full base, but Pujie was three vibrators after the game, but Baris was successfully split, and the horse robes were split, 2-3. Still still full. However, it is a pity that the generation of generations that will be arrested will be played by the double kill, and the Dodge team regrets that there is no expansion of the advantage.

The second half of the 7th Bureau: Dodge team in the field has been exchanged again, and it has also received the effect. By, Bayz first, let go of Pereit, and then let Cairns be able to build, but let Yelic and Braun have been killed by high-speed balls, and Dodge team pitcher gradually start controlling the situation.

Turner two-point gun change score, Dodge Direct anti-brewing

Turner two-point gun change score, Dodge Direct anti-brewing

8 bureaus: This Taoist team achieved great reversal! First, Taylor knocked out a second base to play, and then Turner knocked out a two-point gun. The score is rewritten to 4-3! The winemaker team will let Knebell poured on the game, but the Munxi will then knock out a place. However, the next Mikhao knocked out a double killing, both were out of office. Subsequently, the small flying balls that Bellinger were killed. Knebell is still an excellent completion of rescue mission, but the winemaker suffered a fatal blow in this Council.

8 bureaus: Bayz Sanzheng has been replaced after Santana, and Ferguson gave Mustica, he made Xiaoji to roll the earth, Musticas tried to go to the second base. The result was touched. Subsequently, Wang Tianjian was also played to rescue, and finally he made the Grannderson who played the Granndon from the high-speed ball.

9 bureaus: Pien replaced Baris as a catcher, and the pitcher also replaced with Saideno. Saidno was knocked out in Peterson. The team immediately replaced Gla, Gala first, first let Pujie stepped out a double kill, and the Zhenzhen arrested Baris.

Although some people have someone, Jensen is still holding down the stress

Although some people have someone, Jensen is still holding down the stress

9 The second half of the game: Dodge team replaced the terminator Jensen, got up and let the Asia small flying balls are killed. Although the Perez is then homing. However, he came next to Zhenwen, Perez successfully stolen the second base. The Jelici, who came out, was killed by the earth! At the end of the game, the Dodge team got a big reversal at this game, and 4-3 defeated the winemaker in the farm.

[Two sides starting]


A stick of Chinese and foreign wilder Lorenzo – Kane

Two sticks right wilder Cristian – Yalege

Three rod left outer wilder Len – Braun

Four sticks, Hesus, Agarah

Warm Tablet Mike – Mustas

Six sticks two bases Travis – Xiao

Seven sticks Eric Kranson

Eight battles, Orlando – Assia

Nine sticks Wade Meri

Los Angeles Daoqi

A stick left field Chris Taylor

Two sticks,
three bases, Justin-Ten

Three sticks Based on David – Fris

Four sticks Manni Mado

Wood left outer wilder Matt – Kemp

Six sticks Two bases Enrique – Ernand

Seven sticks right wilder Hand Yaheier Pujie

Eight sticks Austin – Baris

Nine sticks Liu Xianzhen

[Next prospect]

After a short break, this series will play three games at the same stage next Tuesday. They are undoubtedly a good situation for the Dodgerators. This game is stronger and saves the team in the case of the frozen 6 games. The morale can be said to be greatly improved. The home battle, they must do, of course, make full use of their home strength. While losing the game, the winemaker lost this game, but they smashed the Daoqi team’s fidelity in front of the game, and said that they have mastered the life of the Dodge. In this game, they mainly have problems in the scheduling of proud pitcher, and the next game will use their pitcher groups and a big look.