More advanced than plan! The Hawks of the Sea Eagle, Wilson completely hurts the wageman

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Wilson’s doctor was surprised that the main coach also said “incredible”. Now, Russell Wilson has finally recovered from finger injuries and can officially announce the injury. The Hawks remove Wilson from the injury replacement list on November 12 that Wilson will catch up with the 10th week of the game of Green Bay packaging.

At the same time, the team also announced that Devene-Eskridge was taken outside. Haiying’s coach Pitt – Carol said Wilson on Friday, it is ready to go, and in Monday, if he is nothing to live, it will debut. Activate Wilson, more inclined to return to the starting position on Sunday. In the absence of Wilson, Kinno-Smith as a three-point guard, the Hawk in three games in Wilson, the record is 1 win 2 losses.

In the fifth week of the competition, Wilson suffered from stretching tumor and proximal-ended pulverized fracture and proximity, and it is expected that he will absent six to eight weeks. But I didn’t expect that in the night of injured, Carol said Wilson met one of “the greatest physiotherapists ever since the history”, and the fact that Carol is not saying. From this Monday, Wilson returned to the goal of the tenth week became more and more clear. Steve, Wilson: “I am surprised by his recovery speed. Now I can have no proven, he can come out completely.”

On the same day, Carol was called Wilson’s repair fingers as “a great medicine miracle.” A few days ago, Wilson received the media interview after the injury, he said that he was very close to 100% injury. Maybe he later, the recovery speed was faster than before, and now he returned to the game on Sunday, it may be close to 100%. For 3 wins and 5-longned Hawks, you can meet your own 7-year career bowls before the fight in the fight, it is a good news.

In the top five games in the past five games, Wilson came out of 1196 yards, average 239.2 yards. Averages 10.8 yards per shot, complete 10 times, only once is copied. After missed the valuable three games, Wilson came back. The current focus is whether he is really as he said, the finger has completely recovered. Or he and the Haiying team will have an impact because of the injury. The competition is about to start, we will wait to wait and see the battle of Wilson.