MLB20 Day Summary: Truite Single Field Double Round 7 points to smash the red man to kill the space

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On June 20th, Beijing time, a total of 16 games in the United States, the specific competition is as follows: Giants 2-9 Dodge, Red Socks 9-4 Shuangcheng, Malinfish 1-2 Pull, White Sox 3-7 Bear, Indians 10-4 visitors, Metropolis 2-7 Warriors, Angel 11-6 Blue Bird, Tiger 7-8 Pirates, Royal 2-8 Sailor, Wine Person 7-8 Pride, Ray 1-12 Yangji, Philadelphians 0-2 National, Philadelphie 2-6 National (Competition), Space Man 2-3 Red People, Golden 3-8 Sports Home, Rocky 6-4 Rattleson.

Ray 1-12 Yangji

The ray was scanned, and the game was born in the game, a lot of history: the rays first pitched Snell is the first in history, the first time I only got 1 out of the game, I lost 6 points. The winner. Snell injured and then made a lot of volts, and the game ushered in a big explosion, only solving 1 player, was hit by 2 security and lost 6 points, no three oscillated and 4 guaranteed, tragic retake.

The crash of the pitcher affected the line, the home base is more downtrepening, and the audience only hits 3 security, leaning against Tang Mi-Fan, and the whole team swallows 12 times.

Yangji first pitcher CC-Sabasia is a player in the 14th career in history and 3,000 three-oscillated players. Wandering is also full of hot, Sanchez and Torres get 4 points.

Wineman 7-8 priest

The winemaker is also swept, and the priest has a recent rebound. The winemaker has played a relatively good way to fight. Braun and Granadar, the center line, contributed 3 points, but the pitcher lost too much.

First, Pitcher Zaq-Davis is only over 2.2 games, 9. It lost 5 points. It has not given up in the early morning, but in the next few games, it is in the second half, In one fell swoop, 7-5; however, the stable truncation pitcher Jeffreis is pulling a pot, and the pitch will lose 3 points, and the rescue is lost while swallowing.

Marinfish 1-2

The two sides were packed in the 9th game, and the second half of the election of the game was extended. victory. And the 11th game of the gant’s gant’s gant is more than the victory than the winner of the first pitcher.

Red Socks 9-4 Shuangcheng

The key to the winning socks is that the difference is to grasp, and if there is someone who has someone else, 14 players are hit, and the whole game is selected 10 times. The top three sticks in red socks have contributed, beat, tap, score, is the center of the center, let the back Holt and Chavez have a point of view, contribute 3 times and 2 points respectively.

White Sox 3-7 Bear

Kanditreras is unparalleled, 3 playing 2 security contribute 5 points, I still ran back 2 points, he stabbed a full range of guns in the lower half, led the bear to play early There is more than 3 points, although the white stockings are more than 3 points, but it will eventually win the victory.

Indians 10-4 visitors

It is also a game that lays a victory in the opening. The ride will send a pitcher to open the scene, and it is seriously injured by a three-year gun that is tentabed by a three-year gun in Qipnis. point. The third bureau attacks and continues to flourish, Lugluo and Ramires have 2 points, and the first firing is helpless.

Indians’ ppnis won 4 points, Lugluo 3 points, the top four batters contribute 2 security.

Metropolis 2-7 Warriors

The Warriors first pitched Fred After experiencing a few poor performances, this finally returned to some good states, and the 6.0 bureau pool was played 8 security, but only lost 2 points, sent 6 times, three vibrations 1 time , Successfully won the 8th wins in the season. Fritan, Donalson and Markki, who came out, contributed 2 points.

Metropolitan will send a 5.0 bureau, and there is a majority of the most worse cow shed pitcher, simply experiment with new pitcher, and send several very few appearances of debut skills.

Angel 11-6 blue bird

Tuuri once again “opened”, 3 security played 7 points, get 2 points, horrible, almost a person to provoke the burden of angel attack. Da Guxiangping is only 2 security, there is no other contribution, because the front of the upper base is resected by Turur.

The only highlight of the blue bird is Trez, this field is brought out of the spring gun and 4 points, and it is also one person to pick up the attack, but the level of the Tuuri is not reached.

Tiger 7-8 pirate

Pirates finally won the next game, and a big score reversal, hoping to boost the morale of the team.

After the end of the third game, the pirate is behind the third game, it seems to see a no resistance. However, this game pirate line finally responded, and the Dickson, the second base, the second, 7-3; the fifth game, Marthen, two points, 2 points, 7-5; In the second half of the six games,
Renault’s three-bililizer made the pirate frowning, reversing the tiger, and finally win.

Royal 2-8 sailor

Sailor’s Domingo – Santana ushered in the fight, the single double sounded 5 points, and Wogerback also won 2 points. Royal First Bats Merfield today, there is no contribution, 5 playing 0 is played, and there is a lot of cool than the gods of the gods before.

Philadelphians 2-6 National (Competition) Philadelphians 0-2 National People

Battle of Philadelphors and the National Battle of the Two Federations in the rain, ended by the national victory. The first game, the national first pitcher Krin 7.0 lost 1 point, sent 8 three-vibrating revenue. The post-segment sticks and Para became the key to winning, Dotr 2 security won 3 points, one of them three-year gun, Pala 2 security, two, two points, 2 points.

The second contest, the national round to the trump, Xie Zer, he practiced that the nose was unfortunately being hurt in the past, but finally he was able to successfully debut. His debut ruled the game, the same 7.0 bureau’s pitch did not give any score of the opponent, sent 10 three vibrations, win the victory, the Philadelphie only 4 security. And the line is also the home running of Dozaleces, let the people take 2 points and finally win.

Spaceman 2-3 red

The spaceman has also swept away, and the red man also won four consecutive wins. The space man first sent a pitcher Cole performance, 6.0 games only lost 1 point, and sent 8 three vibrations. With a 2-1 leading situation, I entered the ninth bureau in the second half, Ausuna became a rescue failure and the defeat pitcher. The second half of the ninth Bureau, Pazlan’s second base is hitting, and then the two players are resolved, but Sen Zer returned to the score, 2-2; and then Winkel knock again, send a goodbye, red reverse.

Jinyu 3-8 sportsman

Jinyan maintains the attitude of no struggling to resist, and after the game, it is continuously divided by the sportsman, and there is not much accident loss.

Giants 2-9 Dodge

Dodge pitcher Hill was only in the next game, was injured, it was very regrettable, and the bureau had tried to swear the warm-up, but it was helpless. Because of sudden accident, Dodge can only use cow shed tactics, use five pitches, lost 2 points, and winned by the second place.

In terms of work, the Taylor’s head knocked out three-component gun, and the single field was twisted, got 3 good grades of 4 points; Beilinjan also opened, the 24th volume of the season continued to occupy the big alliance The second place in the list, Alonso with the metropolis.

Rocky 6-4 Snake

The snake first pitcher Granki did not resist the offense of Rocky in the seventh game, and the union lost 3 points, resulting in its own failure. Wade Davis, Rocky, has harvested the 15th rescue point of the season.