MLB18 Summary: Indians Pitcher defeated sailor sports home 1 points victory space people

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Beijing time on April 18, the US duty wand big league will fight 14 games, winemakers 3-6 row, white socks 3-4 royal, Dodge 3-2 red, Yangji 5-3 socks, sailor 0-1 Indians, Tiger 2-3 Pirates, National 9-6 Giants, Malinfish 0-6 Bear, Ray 8-1 Jinyu, Metropolis 2-3 Philadelphians, Warriors 2-3 Rattleson, Shuangcheng 4-1 Blue Birds, visitors 5-4 Angel, sports home 2-1 space people.

Winemaker 3-6

The Second Bureau of the Purchain took the lead in score, of which Azu was hit the eighth home base of the season. Their third bureau will continue to make persistent efforts, Detong and Wang continue to help them again, 3 games, the end of the game, 4 -0 lead.

Carpenter’s first half of the fourth game will open to 5-0, the winemaker, the second half of the Wilkson’s five bureaus will be divided into nearly 2-5.

The two teams later rely on 1 point, and the final score of 3-6 was over.

White Sox 3-4 Royal

One of the best guerrillas in this season Anderson gains 2-0 leaders in the fourth bureau’s two-point gun. The royal family is full of homes in the next half, leaning against Gordon’s second base.

The subsequent ratios each have their own points, and the two sides entered the extended competition.

Hunting Top Ten Courts of Ten Countries Helps Royal Leading again, Balloden’s first rescue in the personal season, and finally win.

Dodge 3-2 red

The deadlock of the two sides until the sixth game was broken, AJ-Pooko’s three-pointed home collections helped the Dodge to win 3 points, the red man pitched Gray full game was knocked out 2 security, including this Three-point gun.

The red man strives to counterattack, the second half of the ninth Bureau, the old old will send Camp to the other to the old Putg, will chase the score to 2-3, but finally Dodge Terminator Jensen still preserved the game , Dodge is home to this game.

Yangji 5-3 socks

Two home bases in the front of the red socks helped them achieve 3-0 leaders, Gardea’s full hits of the seventh game, helping Yangji 5-3 against the score, red stockings in the eighth place Half of the hierarchy
is also formed, but Nounez flying ball out. The Yangji finally won, and I got two consecutive wins on the old opponent.

Sailor 0-1 Indians

The two sides staged a prominent pitcher war, and finally the Indians took 1-0 small win with Balls’s Yangchun. Indians first pitcher Calasco 7 bureaus picked up 12 times, sailors, Swanson career, the first big League first 6 games only 1 point. The beans in both sides are only 3 security. The sailor’s sold season continuous home base is ended, and finally fixed in 20 games.

Tiger 2-3 pirate

The two sides of the eight games, the battle was 2 to 2, the tenth game, Moran came out to send Fraser Running resilience, the piracy 3-2 is difficult to win.

National 9-6 giants

The giant first pitcher Samasa’s first game was knocked out of the national beats. Two home bases were knocked out 3 points. At the time of the Eaton’s second time, I sent back to Di Fu. At the end, the national home was 4 points.

The fourth game of the giant rely on a wave of continuous security. However, the second half of the seventh place, Adams and Suzukiqing three-point guns closed a two-point gun to pull the score again.

The giant’s nine games hit two home runs to play back 3 points, but there is no treatment, the final score is 9-6, the national home wins.

Marinfish 0-6 bear

The third bureau of the Bear relies on the Saidz, Hayward et al. Next to the 4th largest, the eighth bureau, Badz, hits the sixth bombings of the individual season, 6-0, and the bear bears Big win, the first-year-old pitcher, Hames, 7 games, 8K, no loss, is the biggest hero that the team wins.

Ray 8-1 Jinyi

Recently, the hot radiance ushered in the challenge of Jinji, the golden opponent is not the opponent of the rays, the three-point gun of the Luowei Shoukan will launch the game for the game. The fifth game, Cui Zhiwan and Dadiaz also hit the home run, the end of the 8-1 victory of the soldiers, continue to lead the big alliance.

Metropolis 2-3 Philadelphians

The first six games in Philadelphians have achieved 3-0 leaders, Kim Jieri and Ernandes hit the Yangchun cannon, which is the second bombard in their season.

Both will immediately start counterattack, the home running of Kong Faro seventh bureau, the game returns to two points, Rosario Ninth Bureau, inheritance, returning to Alonso, let me only fall behind, but the last cloth Rockston was held in Sanzhen, and Nells took the game and got the second rescue.

Warrior 2-3 Rattles

In the second half of the second game, McCain knocked out the second base of the cleaner from Heke, the Warriors got 2-0 leaders. In the second half of the fourth place, Adam-Jones’s home base hits the score snake, and Martt hits the seventh game with 1 point of view. Both sides 2-2 entered the extension.

The tenth game is in the upper half, and Jones is full, and the end of the snake away 3-2 wins.

Double City 4-1 Bluebird

The first place in Shuangcheng lost points, Sogch knocked back from Odori Hand and sent back to Garves. However, the second half of the first bureau, the double city will override the score for two points. They have one point in the third bureau and the fifth game, consolidating the leader, the final 4-1 wins.

5-4 Angel

The angel team has entered the fifth game with 2-1, but Harvey explosive in this game, continuously knocked out, and the number of puffeds is also fixed at 4.1. The angel of 4 points in the Union was left in the eighth game, and the eight nine bureaids had a point to chase the score to 4-5, but Gu De Tempere was gone to see the three vibration, and the angel team regretted.

Sports 2-1 Space Man

Two teams 1-1 flat into the sixth bureau, Matt Chapman’s home runs helps sportsmers once again beyond, Trivino and Terler Nanjian hand guards the last 2.2 bureau, The final sports home is 2-1 wins.