MLB Youth League "Diamond Cup" ended in Beijing Dacheng Rail Snake

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On May 25-26, the 12th MLB Playball! The “Diamond Cup” finals in the MLB Nanjing Baseball Development Center in MLB Nanjing Baseball Development Center. Beijing Dacheng School Rattlesnake team defeated Zhongshan East, the SMS, and won the “Diamond Cup” National Championship in the third consecutive year. Zhongshan East Lecong Primary School Daoqi, Beijing Xinghe Experimental Rocky Square is divided into two, three.

Dacheng Snake Team won the Diamond Cup Champion

After Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Chengdu 42 teams more than 100 more than 100 fierce competitions, Beijing Dacheng Snake Team, Beijing Wanquan Primary School Tiger Team, Beijing Xinghe Experimental Luoji team, Shanghai Sanquan School Jinyang Team, Zhongshan East The secondary school of the primary school, the six teams of Chongqing China Run Xiejiawan Primary School have stood out. In the two-day schedule, the competition is launched to the “Diamond Cup” champion.

In the first day of the group competition, Beijing Dacheng School Run Snake Team and Zhongshan East Learning Daoqi team ranked first in the top of the Capital Union and the National League, respectively, and the finals of the National League.

In the Diamond Finals, the Beijing Dacheng Snake team started quickly from the competition, and the whaled strokes were spent, the first game took the lead in 3: 0 leadership. In the next contrast, the Dacheng School continues the hot feel, and in the second bureau, Wang Fuqiang and Chen Zhenjun hit two home hits, and expand the score advantage to 9 points. Dongsheng Primary School is not discouraged. With the pretension of the security and the other’s pitcher, it is unfortunately, but the regret cannot attack the city’s adherent city. In the
end, the 6th game ended, the Beijing Dacheng Snake team took the final victory at 12: 0, and I won the “Diamond Cup” for three consecutive years.

Public welfare home base playing a wonderful stage

Before the final of the “Diamond Cup” final, MLB Baseball Development Center General Coach Zhang Baohu, MLB Baseball Development Center, the first signing of the grateful baseball team, Zhu Guiyuan led the capital alliance and national alliance, and conducted a public welfare home base.

The public welfare home base game, the small players played a home run, MLB China donated the 2000 yuan baseball equipment and training to the China SOS Children’s Village Association. In the end, Wang Fuqiang, Wang Fuqiang, Wanquan Primary School, Wang Minxi, Wang Minxi, Wang Minxi, Beijing Xingheli, showed 7 strokes, and Zhang Baohu and Xu Guiyuan hit 2 worth 10,000 yuan. Home hits, MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Union, on the spot, 50,000 yuan, donated 80,000 yuan of baseball equipment and training worth 80,000 yuan to SOS Children’s Village.

China SOS Children’s Village is a public welfare institution of the Chinese government and the international SOS children’s village. The Ministry of Civil Affairs is supervised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, as a social welfare institution of the rescue social orphans. At present, there are 10 SOS children’s villages in the country, raising 3,138 children.

The SOS Children’s Village “Friendly Public Welfare Services Base” project in Chengdu, China, introduced the “Integration Growth. Le Enjoy Baseball” in the branch of the public welfare, enjoys baseball team, and has established the children’s village baseball team, and has a professional technical team to stand to the village. To provide children with at least 2 baseball classs per week. MLB also hopes to pass more care and companionship with baseball.

At present, the MLB Playball! The Youth Baseball Promotion Plan has passed nearly 200 primary schools across the country, with more than 1200,000 students to contact the baseball through this project.

With the continuous improvement of the level of events, this event has also become the selection of the baseball tomorrow star. Through this event, many baseball teenagers have a bigger stage to chase their own baseball dreams, open a new journey. Among the seven Chinese players who have signed the MLB american baseball team, 6 are coming out of the event.

In the future, MLB will continue to vigorously promote campus baseball, enhance the participation and level of campus baseball, and inject new vitality for the development of campus sports events.