MLB World Competition first lost, there is a historical precedent to the 4th year without the crown, a snow shame

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After seven fierce battles, the Los Angeles Dodge of the World Contest was returned to the World Competition in the last season, and the World Competition was hit in the second consecutive year. The team entered the World Competition for two consecutive seasons in the League history, and the last distance is not far away, that is the Royal Kansas City, the 2014 and 15 season.

For the 2nd-year-old Dodge

The next consecutive year, the Kansas, the Kansas, who entered the World Competition, lost to the giants in the first year, successfully held the champion trophy.

The next consecutive year, the Kansas, the Kansas, who entered the World Competition, lost to the giants in the first year, successfully held the champion trophy.

After the world contest, there is a historical precedent but the tragic history of the two losses.

If only two consecutive years of team entering the World Contest (not for three consecutive seasons or above the team of the World Competition), the alliance has taken a total of 22 such situations. But in history, only 4 teams have successfully won the championship in Dongshan after entering the world contest. The first is the 1930 and 31 season of St. Louis, and they defeated the Philadelphia attendees in the 1930 World Competition, but the second year they succeeded with 4-3 score revenge sights successfully. Take the team’s second world contest champion. In 1934, after several years, Frank Navin, who is the Babe Ruth, turned his gaze to the Philadelphia sportsman, and buys it to become a member of the Famous Hall of Carakend (Mickey) Cochrane).

After Kirkland came to Detroit, it immediately became the role of players, and finally led in 1923, there was no longer in the United States to stay higher than the third record of the third record in the 1934 season. Although they were lost to the Red Tit, they returned to the World Competition after a season and defeated the Chicago Bear with 4-2, and ended the 4-game losing streak in the World Competition. The first world contest trophy of the team history. Time came in 1939, Xin Sinnati is swept in the World Competition, but in 1940, they defeated the tiger in the seven war, and won the second crown of the team.

Since then, the alliance has not happened in the history of the 75 years, and there has been a matter of winning and winning in the World Competition in the history of the World Competition. The cowshed and pellette in the United States of America in the United States of America: In the 7th battle in 2014, Bamga was started in a short-term rescue, and the giant was lost. After the year, they returned to the competition to defeat the New York Mandari, win the team’s second world contest, and completed the fourth consecutive season in the World Competition in the World Competition in the World Competition. In the last 10 days of October, Dodge has the opportunity to become a 5th member of the club in the World Competition.

For Dodge, it is not a fresh thing for them for them for two consecutive seasons. It is not lacking in the glory of the three years of the 1960s. This season, this is already the 5th episode of the Dodge Team to kill the World Competition in the race of back. But the last experience is very painful for Dodge, and they will lose to New York Yangji in the 1977 season world competition, and the sixth battle of the winning and negative, which is even more Renxun Jackson, a famous Hall of Fame, completes the home running hat trick, making him the second player who completed the second player in the playoffs in the playoffs. After 12 months, Dodge once again touched Yangji in the World Competition, and this Dodge also failed with 2-4 lost revenge, and created Yangji’s defending.

It is said that the National Federation team has entered the world contest for two consecutive seasons, but they can only be returned to the team. I am afraid that everyone will think of the brilliant Atlanta Warriors in the 1990s. Later, Cox (Bobby Cox) brought the Warriors into the World Competition in the 1991 season. After the first 6 battles 3-3, Cox launched in the 7th battle and became a famous Hall. John Smoltz has also become a Jake Morris that will become a famous Hall of Fame. The two may hand over the seventh battle of the most classic world contest in the past few days of the past few days: Shimaz mains 9 games, but the Warriors’ walked cannot be pursued by Morris. . Results Morris after completing the epic performance of 10 bureaus 126 balls, in the 10th Bureau, the lower Warriors’s truncation, Pena, Pena, was played with the toolman of the Shuangcheng Toolman. Complete the killing, the Warriors became this background version of the most classic world contest.

After a year, I hope that they will return to the World Competition, but they have encountered the blue birds in the day of the day, and finally loses the ball with 2-4, and fell in the World Competition for two consecutive years. The Warriors finally defeated the blood in the world in 1995, avoiding the embarrassment of 5 years.

Dodge official twice: your 2018 National Federation

Dodge official twice: your 2018 National Federation

After 6 consecutive years, I entered the playoffs, I look forward to breaking the crown.

After the current Dodge Holder GBM Group bought the team in 2012, Dodge rely on strong financial resources in the past few years, which has always been a strong competitor of the World Competition. After defeating Rocky, after the 163th regular season of this season, Dodge also won the champion of the National Union West. For this team, the total salary of the annual ball is speaking near the luxury tax line (this season, if it is unintentionally, the total salary will be controlled under the luxury tax line), and the annual partition champion is just a line. . For the Mark Walter, it is his ultimate goal after 30 years after the World Contest.

There are many teams in the playoffs in the history of the league. The most famous is to continue to bring the team in the 1991 season. The 15-year-old Warriors (the 1994 season league launching leads to the season) Cancel the game, but the Warriors in the state of the National Union, the Warriors were still in the position of the spaceman in the country. However, the 1995 World Competition champion is enough to load Cox and his Warriors at the end of the 1990s into the league history. If Dodge is still unable to win this year, everyone should think of and now the most close to a continuous season after the competition, but the team that cannot win is a 1995-99 Cleveland Indians.

In the 1997 season, the Indians in the World Competition were only 5 years and were the first time, the Florida Malin fish in the playoffs, but the Indians lost 3-1 advantages in the World Competition. Finally, Malinfish completed the reversal of 3 consecutive victories, and completed the scene in the 15th battle.

For Dodge, there may be the best lineup of the National Association for two consecutive seasons, if they can’t win this season, consider the stream of star, the stream of the team, the strengthening lineup, the future The cost of entering the World Competition may be more high.

Finally, come back to a historical data: red socks and Dodge have only one experience in history in the World Competition to be traced back to the World Competition in the 1916 season. And that year, the red socks were still pitched in Babbius completed the main investment 14 games only lost 1 point in the final victory. In the last red socks defeated the scores of 4-1. 1916 World Contest Trove.