MLB-stock socks have shown that the WANG II 10-1 will win

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On September 20th, Beijing time, the last stage of the “Fat Socks” series of “Fat Socks” is entered the second game, and the red socks continue to challenge the Yangji in the away. This game is a trip of the two teams, David Ples against Louis Sevilino, but the two pitcher’s game process is very different. Sevilino only lost 1 point, and the Prab 5.1 lost 6 points and failed to help the team blocked the attack of Yangji. In the end, Yangji is 10 to 1 big red socks at home.

Luke - Woit today broke out, 4 4 not to say that the home run can bomb the race

Luke – Woit today broke out, 4 4 not to say that the home run can bomb the race

[Data Highlight]

Woit can be described as the biggest hero, 4 counts of 4 measures, get 3 points to get 4 points; Hicks 2 avanying 3 points, Sanchez although there is no place, but received two guaranteed 2 points; Aspect, only JD-Martinene is normal, 3 players 3, unfortunately, unfortunately teammates have barely contribute, only to regret to swallow the defeat.

[Competition process]

Yesterday, the first battle of the series defeated red socks. Basically, sitting on the location of the outer card No. 1, leading the sportswater 2.5 games, which will gain the main advantage of the outside card, for the intensive playoffs, this A little critical, because the last found in Boston’s red socks in Boston, there is a home field advantage means that there is no need to go to the West coast for a life and death war.

In the first half, Sevilino took the lead in shooting. In the face of the first stick, Sevilino sent four bad balls, then the Benneuti Pacific flying ball out, JD-Martinez knocked out, Buggodz hitting the explosion, The context of a bureau is like a recent state in his state, and it is undulating; it is good to successfully go out in the next player Bogotz and Morade.

In the second half of the first place, Ples debut, the same is also given to the first stick McCachen a four-bad ball guaranteed, Jia Qi hits the flat game out, Hicks rolls out, Stanon is standing , Three three times, the first bureau has no score.

In the second bureau, Sevilino stabilized, manufacturing the Kingsler Nairo High Flying Ball, Nounez Pacific Flying Bound, and finally Leon was divided into three;

The highly high-ranking card is directly sent out of the foreign air high wall in Aduhar.

The highly high-ranking card is directly sent out of the foreign air high wall in Aduhar.

In the second half of the second bureau, Ples was lost, Gregouriu high flying ball was killed by the left outer wilder, and the AUHAR gathered in the spring, helping Yangji leader red stockings, 1-0, this is Andu The 25th Battle of the Harpet Season, after Sanchez, Sanchez, selected the four bad balls, Woi Takan hit the base, Torres was sent by Zhen, but McCachen was saved again by four bad balls, formed two people out of the work. , The key moment, the three strokes have a gaze, Sanchez and Woit double run back to the home base score, 3-0, and the red socks are again facing unfavorable situation.

In the third bureau, the 3-point advantage of the line attack, Sevilino also gave a better, three vibrated Bradley, and then two rolls of earth let the socks first, two batches; third In the second half of the bureau, although Ples was hit by Anduhar, he fails to succeed in another three players, the end.

In the second half of the fourth place, Ples did the fourth point of the game. The first played Woit grown out of the second home run, let the leader’s leading advantage came to 4 points, 0 -4; then Torres high-speed ball out, McCacho, Jia Qi rushed to the earth, the end of this Council.

In the first half of the fifth game, Nounes first hit it to attack the second base to beat, captured a point circle, then Leon contributed to a hit, red socks finally recovered 1 point, 1-4; but red socks did not catch score The good momentum, winning the strike, Brad Level Flying ball out, Bates were hit, Benneuti rolled the earth, and the red socks were only chased by 1 point.

In the second half of the fifth bureau, after the two games have been lost, Ples finally controlled the loss, and facing the center line quickly completed three three, successfully spent half. In the upper half of the sixth game, JD-Martinez knocked out the third security of Straightein, but the subsequent teammates did not have a good way to combat pitcher, successively, and successfully completed the half.

When Ples was returned, there was a red stocking fans in Yangji Stadium to sign the red socks.

When Ples was returned, there was a red stocking fans in Yangji Stadium to sign the red socks.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Plesce first solved Andado, and then saved Sanchez. As a result, the second home base was hit by Woit, and the single field plus two points, and helped Yang. After a big difference, 1-6; at this time, the main coach helpless Plessen, this 5.1 bureau was played 5 security, but lost 6 points, of which 4 were self-confident, and 3 The home run, only 2 times, the three oscillations have 4 guarantees, and the state is poor. Joe – Kelly played, after Torres The victory will be set to the winning situation from the momentum.

In the second half of the seventh game, Sevilino continued to shoot, and the Nunetz flat flying ball was produced. Leon inheri-flying ball was killed, Bradli hit a hit, but Bates were poor. Retravained again.

In the first half of the eighth game, Holder took place in Sevilino’s pitch. This verse was opened for 7.0 bureaus to play 6 security. I lost 1 point to send 6 times. Since the qualification. Holdle was first hit by Thinking Hart, and the Phillips Naver Flying Board, Lin Ziwei Sanzhen, Morade High Flying Ball.

In the second half of the eighth, Woit, Torresian hit, McCacho and Bird’s roll-up earth, helping the runner push the package, and finally score, the score is 1-9; Hicks will then make a click, 1-10, there is basically no suspense.

The first half of the ninth game, the last blow chance of the red socks, Holt, Nunzon has been hitting the base, and the Leon Flying Ball is out, Bradley has received the guarantee, but Bates hit the double kill. Let the overall situation of the whole base instantly, and finally the red stockings also lost the game.

[Double hair start]

Boston Red Sox:

1. Muqi-Bates designated hits

2. Andrew – Benedine Left Outer Wilder 3. JD-Martinez right wilder

4. Zhanhe Bocatz guerracom

5. Mickey – Morade

6. Ian Kingsler 2,0yllic

7. Edward – Nounes three base

8. Sandy-Leon Catcher

9. (Little) Jiegi – Bradley Chinese and Foreign Wild Hand

New York Yangji team:

Andrew-McCachen left outer wilder

2. Alon – Jiaqi designated blow

3. Alon Hicks Chinese and foreign wilder

4. Jankolo – Stanton right outside

5. Didi-Gregus guerrilla

6. Miguel – Anduhar 3rd base

7. Gary – Sanchez Catcher

8. Luke – Woit

9. Grand Torres 2rd base

[Next prospect]

The third game of the socks, the red socks met Edward – Rodriggs, 12 wins and 4 losses this season, Rodrigs came from the observation list, totaling 3 first-year competitions Two of them only lost 1 point, but the 2nd game lost 5 points, 3.1 bureau lost 5 points, and the career seven in the Yangji Stadium first, 2 wins and 3 losses 3.00 self-blanking rate. Yangji is the first-year-old pitcher. It has not lost the score rate of 12 wins this season. He has not lost it in 20 consecutive biases. The state is hot. Division rate.