MLB-Rocky away brings the light space 2-1 tourist

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Red stocking is not enemy sailor

Red stocking is not enemy sailor

On April 2, the MLB has a big alliance to continue to start, and the radiance is defeated by 7-1 to visit Rocky, Atlanta Warriors 8-0 bears, space people defeated the cavalry, and the socks are not enemy sports.

Colorado, 1-7 Tampa Bay

After the hot season, Tampa Bay, who defeated the Houston Spaceman, the US League West District, continued to meet the visiting Coloradoliji team at home. Today’s ray forwarded to the “cowshed day” in the first round value, and the latter pitcher took turns to seek the victory of the game. In the face of the line of Luoji team, today’s ray pitcher is also very strong, just let this attack power strike in the sixth game in half relying on the second base of Nolan Arenado. Get the only one.

The young lines of the radians are still hot today, and the Chinese and foreign wildermaier enabled the four points of the four-point talents, and the six-year 24 million US dollars will be launched. The two-point gun of the newcomers, the final rays, to defeat the visit of the Lokji team at 7-1, successfully stayed at home.

Chicago Bear 0-8 Atlanta Warrior

The two teams of the opening season, the Chicago Bear is the first ball of Atlanta, fully demonstrating what is called the housing leaks in the rain. The second half of the left outer wilder, the Mark Zagunis, leishes the warrior, the world of Flying, the world of Ender Inciart, and the death of the death of the Bear is a price – a right field direction Yangchun. Then when someone else has a mistake in the field, the Warriors have returned to the first place of McCann back to the home of McCann to go to the home court.

After the bear, the bear seems to have a magic, mistakes, plus the continuous guarantee of the pitcher since the opening season, the free landscraft will return to score again and again, which seriously affects the morale of the whole team, causing the bear team to be lost. state. I am afraid that there are more runners. How is it? I can’t get it back. The 9th security play is only three more than the Warriors, but my six mistakes plus 7 shots, and finally laid the balance, 8-0, The Warriors defeated the bears at home, and the first season was successfully obtained.

Houston Space Man 2-1 Texas Cavalry

Houston Spaceman, who is defeated in Tampa Bay, looks forward to finding a good two good games in Texas. The turbulent wheel value of the ranch season makes the coach decided to have the first-year experience of the admiral pitcher, and the game is the first first hair in this season, and there is one Younger tickets for the TX chew cavalry. The visitors are sent here to Drew Smyly, who has just been returned from Tommy John, which will not be particularly long.

The Pikick’s game can be said to be able to make a circle, and the 6.2 bureau is only played in 2, and there is no delivery. Three vibrates 5 players simultaneously only because of the Based on Based on Based. The Yangchun Baseball of Guzman lost a point. And the ride is here, after Samile completed the 3 games, Sampon took over the remaining 6 bureaus, although only one point, but the other party was better, and the spaceman launched the victory. Equation, Presly,
Presly, plus the last number of Otus Osuna, did not be played by the visitors, and finally the cavalry gave the game to win the game with 2-1.

Boston Red Sox 0-7 Auckland Sports Home

In the opening season, the Shuiyu sailor in the state of the fire, the defending military Boston red socks have a disappearance in the West Coast. Now come to another, the Oakland Sports Master, which is excellent last year, trying to come back to some face, but it is harmed by zero. This game of red socks sent the predecessor David Price to play, while the sports home was sent first by Brooks.

However, the reddock team is unexpected, the sportsman seems to have evolved in the best of the best in the best last year, and the home run Wang Davis (Khris Davis) took the lead in fire, then Ramon Laureano, Pingdel (Chad Pinder) Turns, three home runs to send Ples to retreat. After the cowshed, Chapman (Matt Chapman) used the second bombing of this season, the beginning of another wave of offensive, the new classmate Morales and the continuous place of Pingdel and returned two points, plus On the Brooks 6 bureau, the successful striker of the post-aid pitcher, the defending force of the defending army in the thunder is not lost in 7: 0.

Los Angeles Angel 3-6 Seattle Sailor

To discuss the state of the opening season, if the Seattle Sailor Team is said to be the second, it is estimated that there is no team dare to say that he is the first. Carrying back to the United States in Tokyo, we have won the victory in the series of red socks, and 5 wins and 1 loss are afraid that they are very surprised by their own fans. At this time, I met the Los Angeles angel who was hitting the two-knife big valley. At this time, I didn’t think of my family’s pre-match, Felix Hernandez, who had just traded from San Francisco Giant. Chris Stratton.

The sailor will continue to show the previous murderous fireworks, and a guarantee, add four anteception to the quarter. This is the end of the game. Later, only the Ernando 5.1, only lost 1 points of self-discipline, plus the smooth guard of the cowshed, and the two-point cannon of the seventh bureau of Bruce, the final sailor team is The family is defeated with the same district with 6-3, and the excellent record of 6 wins and 1 loss continues to be in the first place in the US Union West.

Arizona Rattlesnake 10-3 San Diego priest

In the previous series, the Los Angeles Road is hilarious, Arizona Rattleson tries to find a little face in warm San Digo. In the face of priests, the two-Taiwan Machado is signed in the lunar season, there is a hundred new Xiu Tatis Jr. to help the rush to help the resilience of the snake is – More ferivorous artillery!

Although the spring training is very excellent, therefore, in many round-value competitors, Straha’s first-president, Stram 3, did not finish 5 points, and take over The cowshed has not been able to pull the tide, five games for 9-0 to make the tail snake early early in hand. Although Xiaodatis hits the first bomb in the sixth game, it is just a drop in the bucket. The final snake took 10-3 to the final victory of this game.