MLB rays Montreal set the second home? Boss helpless: I don’t want to leave Tampawan

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On June 26, Beijing time, Tampa Bay was held on the team to move a press conference in Montreal. At the meeting, Stuart Sternberg said to the media that in order to stay in Tampa Bay in order to stay in Tampa Bay, it is a very helpless choice.

The status quo is unable to support the team eight years later, the light is in the future.

At the media, Sternberg said, the team will not be able to complete all the home games in a city, which is not a viable option. The entire conference was 40 minutes, and Sternberg answered the reporter’s question in 20 minutes and clearly said that Mun Montreal is not a precursor to move the team. “This is definitely not the precursor we have to move toward north, we have not considered the movement of this option. We have rejected this proposal several years ago.”

But Strinberg also said that only the Bay of Tampawan, cannot support their operations in the big profit. The current Tampa Bay is rays, among the 30 teams of the Alliance, all economic indicators are in the downstream. As far as the current situation, if the team cannot operate in a double city mode such as Montreal-Tampa Bay, the team will may not exist. Strinberg said that he did not plan to sell the team. However, in the current situation, it is difficult to predict whether the team will continue to operate. Strobe said that Tampa Bay is not very suitable for the Baseball League, and it is unable to support 81 home games.

Sternberg and MLB President Manfield

Sternberg and MLB President Manfield

The contract of Tampa Bay and its home pure workmanship will last until 2027, and after that, the future of the rays will become an answer that no one knows.

The only thing that can be determined is that Sternberg will continue to serve the boss of the team, but the team will be renamed after that, and still is a fan. Sternberg revealed that he has refused several proposals from Montreal that may change the team ownership.

If the dual-city plan is currently implemented, the ball market in the two cities will jointly bear the expenses of the team. At present, this is also the direction of Strinberg and his team will pay attention to: “We are committed to letting the radians in Tampawan, and can develop in Montreal. We expect two cities to feel the occupation Alliance’s competition, and benefiting youth. “

Montreal has a large alliance team - Expo

Montreal has a large alliance team – Expo

Half of the game to the Montreal Ray “Frame”?

According to the local media of Tampa Bay, the current preliminary segmentation plan will be, the rays will hold about 35 home games in Tampawan, and the team will migrate to the north and continue the remaining home competition in Montreal. Obviously, the remaining scenes is far more than 35 games, although the team’s name is also called Tampa Bay, but from the situation of the number of games, Montreal is not like a “alternative city”, big anti-cabinet, replace Tampa Bay’s momentum.

Montreal in the Canadian French District, even the WE the North of the Raptors was changed to the French version of Le Nord

Montreal in the Canadian French District, even the WE the North of the Raptors was changed to the French version of Le Nord

The Shuangcheng Plan will also bring inconvenience to the player, perhaps, the team also needs
to pay them and the family to Montreal. Although the United States is relatively connected to Canada, logistics is also developed, but the use of different currencies, the tax, justice, and other systems of Florida and Canada’s Quebec, and other systems have a small gap.

In Quebec, Quebec, even the big cities such as Montreal also have a street sign with British and French bilingual. Some rays players, I am afraid it will easily “find the north” on the streets of Montreal.

Tommy - Fairball team is not satisfied

Tommy – Fairball team is not satisfied

These troubles and inconveniences have naturally inconvenient sounds: Tommy Pham, which is effective in Tampa Bay, said to the media: “The April Fool’s Day has passed, why is it still driving? Will the absurd joke? “But in the case of a problem in the large environment and the original survival model, such an opposition sound has not stopped the team management from being attached to the new plan.

The ball market is not booming, the team’s financial problems, these factors seem to be the reason for the “failure of Montreal”. However, such a model may be able to usher in a new turn for this team that is struggling, and on the other hand, as Sternberg said, such an arrangement can bring large-all-league game for more cities. , Let more children feel the charm of career baseball.

If this model can succeed, in the near future, professional baseball will be possible in more North America in the city of North America.