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Big Alliance regular season is carried out late in late September, the Menfang season will have a dust set, red stockings, Indians and space people are the head name of Meidian East, Central District and Western District, respectively, two external cardsIt is Yangji and sportswell.In addition to the East District Warriors, the United States has ensured that the head name is rancing, the name and the outer card position in the central area and the West are also plastic, bears, winemakers, sagny, rocky, and Dodge are also subtle adjustments.Among them.Today, let us know about this playoffs, a new fan, more strange sports teams.

Lock the sports team of the playoffs in the locker room carnival

Lock the sports team of the playoffs in the locker room carnival

At the beginning of this year, the sports team also made the fans took the glasses, but not because of excellent, but because the Japanese genius of the angel team, the first time, the first time I assumed the fight against the game. Baseball, the first time I got a victory! I didn’t expect Feng Shui so mysterious. At the end of the season, the angel team had already quited the competition competition, but the sports team got the second outer card in the playoffs with more than 60% of the winning rate, and the performance is better than the national union. .

The new fans may feel that the sports team can get a miracle in the playoffs, and a series of small white people who have released the baseball in the quarter, there are high-cooled Auckland sports teams. Such a small market team, a small market team, is one of the poorest teams in the big profession, poor to the soda in the player’s lounge is not free, and the player is purchased. but:

Sports family team won 9 times in history! The third place in the Alliance.

The story of the penalty is from the sports team

The story of the penalty is from the sports team

There is also a movie on the actual character and deeds of the sports team, called “penalty alloy”, Brad Pitte starring, and Oscar included six nomins such as Best movies and best actors!

The prototype of the movie is the current sports team’s small shareholder, Vice President of Baseball Business, Billy Bien. Bened from the player is the first roundabout of the 1980 metropolis team, he is considered to be a genius in the traditional scout system, but he eventually became a mediocre player, in entering management After he first combined the theory of the magic ball and the scouting system, he asonably applied every penny of the intensive sports team, and led the team in 2000-2003 to fight for 4 consecutive years. In the season, this theoretical combination of actual management and analysis is also promoted in the baseball community.

US Duty Stander Babi – Ruzhen was sold to the Yangli team in 1920, so he rushed him to the red socks and could no longer got the World Competition again. Since 1920, the red stockings did not receive the champion of the World Contest. It continued for more than 80 years of championship, 2002, YAWKey’s directors and Chairman Harrington decided to sell the team to John. · New England sports investment company led by Henry. Tom Vern is the Chairman and CEO of Larry Lujino. After the end of the season, the red socks wanted to dig up the Billy-Bi En rebuild the team, but was born, only 28-year-old graduate, Jedi-Epping, became the general manager of the team, he also Become the youngest general manager in the history of the Great Pien. Epping is also an excellence of the theory of magic, he broke Babi-Ruz’s curse, led Red Sox to win in 2004 and won again in 2007.

Epsin’s second amazing feat is after the 2011 season, the Chicago Winnabar team signed a 5-year 18.5 million contracts, and the bear team won the championship in 1908, the Eppsin big hand rebuild the team, optimized the draft, Reasonable transaction, in 2016 led the bear team to win the championship and broke one of the most famous https://www.mlbtrikot4.comcurse in the history of the baseball: “Goat Curse”.

The famous “Sports Picture” Sports Illustrate (referred to as Si) is a US MSHS Monthly Monthly Journal from 1954. “Sports Pictures” has always been “cover curse”, MLB many players who mount “Physical Education” cover, which will have casualties, fall into low tide, or the team’s decline.

In June 2014, Sports Picture, Space Man Rookie George – George Springer became a cover person, the title directly written “2017 World Competition”. In 2017, the Astronaut team entered the playoffs in the regular season, and defeated the Los Angeles Taoist Queen King in the World Contest, and won the team’s history for 55 years. At that year, the opening of the opening of the cover, George George, Springer, who built in the series of 5, and contributed 7 points, the first battle of the second battle and the third battle, the most critical, selected as 2017 The most valuable player in the World Competition.

The space team is one of the team’s most refined data analysis. They were rated as the best farm by Baseball America for five consecutive years from 2013 to 2017, and the only team with such certification.

2018 Red Sox of the Rookie Coach Coach Catholic Alex – Kara is undoubtedly the most dazzling star this season, 14 wins and 2 losses, and now 107 wins have broken the history record of the 100-year team. The season last time in Red Sox is already in 1946. Clarus was a bench coach of the space team last season. He was very modest: Glorious is a player, when they celebrate, he will sit in the corner of the room, just like last year’s space people won the championship .

There is also a team that has had to mention, is directly approaching the bear team this year, and there is a Milwaukee Wine Scenery that puts the bearings directly from the Zhonglian Central District. In September 2015, the wineman transferred the original general manager Melvin into a consultant, and hired David Stearns, who was only 30 years old, and he was currently in the big profession. The youngest general manager. Stendes graduated from Harvard University in 2007. When he was at the university, he had in Pittsburgh pirate team, and he also served as the Baseball Operation Department of the Indian team. The only assistant of the general manager of the team. He took office after going to reform, stir fry the seven coaches, and replaced 40 people almost half of the players.

The management of the baseball community is traditionally, hugs science, and the flow of people into the team’s benign competition into the fresh blood, making the competition more exciting. The baseball industry does not believe in the curse, because the curse is used to break.