MLB-Liu Xianzhen 7 bureau good vote 0 lost Dodge Team 6-0 to take the Warrior to get open

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On October 5th, Beijing time, the Dodge team ushered in the first game of the 2018 race in his home. The Korean pitcher Liu Xianzheng was broken, 7 bureaus, 8 times, and be knocked 4, ERA The outstanding first generation of 0.00 makes the Dodge to win. A homework is tapping a three-point home base in the second half of the 2nd game, helping the team’s bottom. Dodge team eventually defeated the Warrior team at home at home, and a big score 1-0 lead.

Liu Xianzhen breaks the outside world, 7 bureaus sent 8K blockade warrior

Liu Xianzhen breaks the outside world, 7 bureaus sent 8K blockade warrior

[Data Highlight]

Dodge Team: Liu Xianzhen 7 bureau, 8K, was knocked 4, ERA 0.00. Peter Sen slammed 1 1 part of the colleeper hit a record. Mangxi branched a 3-point base base basis. Ernandes contributed 1 1 part of the base, established an advantage. Fritz 1 remember the sacrifice and lock the victory.

Warrior: First, New Newcom 2, three vibrators, only knocked 1 security, let the team stop in time.

[Competition process]

1 The upper half of the game: Liu Xianzhen faces 4 players, responded in front of the game with his own performance. Although I was played, I have sent three players to the game through 2 high-speed balls.

Although there is a fireball, but the poor controlling ball makes the Warriors head shouting

Although there is a fireball, but the poor controlling ball makes the Warriors head shouting

1 The second half of the game: The Warriors first sent a pitcher Fritti button well in the season in the season than Liu Xianzhen, but his play is a disaster. First, I have been knocking out the home run by Peter Sen.

Subsequently, the four bad balls sent Mangxi to the homes. After the Sanzheng Mathaw Granadal, the Belinjan and Turner were guaranteed to the barrier, the Dodge team was full. However, in the end, he has also revived Puig, and did not continue to dig the team.

2 Half of the 2nd Bureau: Liu Xianzhen successfully killed the Warriors in the way through the three vibration, the wild rolling earth and the flat, and the Warriors were resolved. The state is still hot.

Mangxi played three-component gun

Mangxi played three-component gun

The second half of the bureau: the turning point of this game may be the bureau, and two players who have resolved the drop-up team after killing the tricks in the manner. Frit Button has begun to dig the pit, first put Peterson and Turner. Next, Mangxi played again once again played the role of hero, and the 3-point gun in the middle direction was rewritten to 4-0.

However, it is good to be a heavy blower Viqi Sanxue, and there is no further expansion of the loss.

The upper half of the 3 games: Liu Xianzhen is still very hot, and the Warriors’ walker is solved by the inner wild rolling earth and two three vibrations.

The second half of the 3rd: The Warriors have to change the first Shawn-Newcomm. Finally, the Tao team walked to be frozen. He has sent a three-oscillated Granadal, let Bellinjie be killed, and the small flying ball that is not nutritious.

4 games: Liu Xianzheng is outstanding, letting Kamog and Fri Man played an inner wild roller, letting a homewoman killed two players, and then a three oscillated Markkiis.

Peterson played in the wilderness of the field to be killed by Fremman

Peterson played in the wilderness of the field to be killed by Fremman

The second half of the 4th Bureau: Newcastom is facing Ernan Des Insurance, but it is good to be killed by the field by the field. Then the 9 stick Liu Xianzhen actually knocked out a place in the right field. But in the following, he will send the bureau to the way to kill. The Warriors seem to choose the wrong pitcher today.

5 games: Liu Xianzhen solves two players in the way in the three vibrations and the earth, and then be knocked out by the Warriors. However, in a timely adjustment, the final renovation of the bell clear is out of the way.

5 The second half of the game: The Warriors replaced the pitcher again, Max Fried. After being hit by Mangxi, Machado knocked out a double kill and solved two players. Subsequently he also screamed Granadar. The Warriors pitcher status area is stable, and the line needs to stand up.

6 bureau, half of Liu Xianzhen . Subsets Fried, Fried out, a foreign country, high-speed ball was killed.

Ernandez this two-unit gun directly kills the game

Ernandez this two-unit gun directly kills the game

The second half of the 6th Bureau: The Warriors are replaced by Brad Braque, which makes Berinje and Piger have been killed after being
killed. 8 stick Ernandes bought a book. 5-0 Warrior team on the snow.

7 games: Liu Xianzhen is still invested, after solving two players in the way, he was knocked out, but then he adjusted the status of the San Zhen.

7 The second half of the bureau: Brake is after the three vibrators, and then keeps Mangxi and Turner. After the multi-ball re-complicated with the horse, Brake finally slammed the latter. However, Dodge team has successful, Turner and Mangxi came to the three bases and second bases. However, in the end of the finalists, Win Teshen, Sanzhen, Zhenzheng, Granadar, and the nuntess insurance.

8 bureaus: Dodge is replaced with Walker-Brand. The Warriors are working in this Council, there is still no temper. The way they walked out of this Council was also the epitome of the Warriors in the Warriors.

8 bureaus: The Warriors have been replaced with Socota to host the competition. After killing Belinjan. Puig was guaranteed, and then Sobotka had a missing ball when holding a base, causing the Puig to ran directly on the three bases. Then Ernande was reported to the three bases, 1 out of the game, and one-third base. Fritz knocking out of the game (sacrificed), Puign scored. Dodge team 6-0. Peterson then knocked out the earth, Sosteka made a first base, Peterson was killed.

Originally, Woodwood, who was first sent, but only lost 0 or 2 games.

Originally, Woodwood, who was first sent, but only lost 0 or 2 games.

9 bureaus: Dodge team sent a regular season to send Alex-Wood to close. First, the Puri Ecerf Sprint killed Kamo’s high-speed ball, followed by Zhenfritan. However, Malkiys then knocked out a remembering. The Warriors still did not give up. Then, Flolls, also knocked out in the wild, helping themselves and teammates grabbed a two-line base. Wood is resected. The Dodge is replaced by Floro Gate 51, and finally, the roll of Albes was received by the second base, and the hand was killed and killed. At the end of the game, the Daoqi team defeated the Warriors.

[Two sides starting]

Los Angeles Dodge Team

First stick left Foreign Koker – Pederson

Second stick, three bases, Justin-Turner

Third stick, Mado, Music

The first is a bar guerrilla Manni Mado

Fifth Bar Catcher, Asmani-Granadar

Sixth stick Chinese and foreign wild Codi – Beilinjie

Seventh stick right outer wild Yaheier Pol

Eighth stick two bases, Errick-Ernand

The ninth stick Liu Xianzhen first firing

Atlanta Warrior

First stick left foreign wild Ronard – Akunia

Second stick, three bases, John – Kamogo

Third rod, Base, Freddy – Freman

The first is the right foreign country Nick Markkiis

Fifth stick catcher Taylor – Flolls

Sixth stick two bases O’zi Alby

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wild Gerndel – Dueceni

Eighth Bar guerrillas Charlie – Calbern

Ninth Bar Mike – Ford Button

[Next prospect]

Tomorrow’s two teams continue to continue in Los Angeles, and for the Warriors, they have no states today, and tomorrow faces the Dodgera King Card Xiao. The Warriors are stringing that it is the key to the competition. In addition, today’s first pitcher Viqi is very bad, which can be said to be the biggest factor in the team’s conversation. Abai Barr Sanchez tomorrow will be the key to the team’s victory. For the Warriors, tomorrow’s game is completely the battle, and the Daoqi team can not be angry. Koke Xiao is not very lost in the playoffs. In the past, he also gave the team to the team from time to time.