MLB Kanlian Central District Traditional Hamen Chicago Bear https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comToday has passed good news, the Terminator of the previously signed Crest-Kim Breil has been transferred to the big alliance, fans are looking forward to his first show in the Rigli Stadium.”I am very happy! Jinbrell is coming, immediately meet with the team.” The coach of the Bear Team was in front of Today, Today, the team said before the Arranga Warriors.It is expected that the bears will officially add “Dragon King” in the morning to 25 people before tomorrow morning. Madden said that the bears from the 3A Level League Iowa Cabbed Tie Jinbrell means that it is necessary to drop a player, and this decision has not yet been made.A few days ago, Iowa Bear was defeated by the Omaha storm in 5-1, Jinbreier fought in the ninth bureau, and sent 16 balls to three vibrations.Since June 7th and the bear signed a contract for a three-year value of $ 43 million, the Terminator of the MLB Hall of House has been playing four times in the small alliance. In the 3rd and 3-point 2 games, Jinbreier has only one-time delivery of 4 times, and the 2star is knocked out and lost 1 point. He also tied to play on the top of the week, and there was no problem with the ball and spheres.Jinbreier is only a matter of time in accordance with the plan and the bears, and the total coach Madden is refused to disclose 25 people’s list details.Jinbreier sent the first three vibration in the bears 3a”For respect for the affected players, I don’t want to say too many details,” Madden said. “So I have to do with the coach group is to carefully analyze the list and make a decision.””Scorpion

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King” Craig – Goldbreil Career Career Score is a beautiful 1.91. The big league career came from the Warriology to the martial artists came to the red stockings, and the 9 major alliance seasons won 333 rescue success. Only 3 1-year-old Jinbrell is expected to break through 500 rescue, and now every rescue is close to Huan Huan.

If you don’t have an unexpected gold Breier, the iron is required to take the attention of the Ninth Bureau as a terminator, and the small bear cow shed Pedro-Strip will be with Steve Schiek. 7 and 8 games, Brandon Goldenzler is a relay job with other pitks.

It is said that the Chicago Times reported that Jinbreier will only be rescued in the case of the three bureaus after returning, until the end of the season will completely have multiple rescue. The President of the Bear Operation, Epstein, also stated this week that the most important tasks in Jinbrell still adjusted.