MLB Grand League Best Rookie Breakfast Big Vallas Ping Aka

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Beijing time November 13 Professional Baseball Grand League announced the best rookie of the 2018 season and the country’s best rookie. The Los Angeles Angel Team Star Player Grand Vallap and the Atlanta Warriors Nova Akana won the Best of the United States of America’s best rookie awards.

At the age of 24, Shanggu Xiangping landed in the Japanese Baseball Alliance five years later, this season in Los Angeles angel. Da Vallang is excellent in both ends of the attack and defense. At the defensive end, Da Guxiang https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comis starting at 10 times in the 2018 season, completing 63 three vibrations. At the end of the offensive, the Da Vali played 22 books in the whole season. The performance of the two ends of the attacking makes Daiguteng piloted the first player in the same season to finish 15th hits and 50 times. The wonderful performance in offensive and defensive makes Daigutella to be elected to the best new Xikai.

Regrettably, Dabangstea accepted surgery in October due to injuries. This makes the Grand Valley will miss most of the game next season. However, we have reason to believe that Da Guxiang can bring us more stunning performance after returning to us.

“I have not been able to make a lot of regrets for the whole season.” Da Vallant said in an interview with the media: “I think every player should be full of all season, and contribute to the team. This is I am The next goal, I expect to remain healthy, away from the injury, and fill the whole season. “

Da Guxiang is the first Japanese player who is the best rookie title after Suzuki. Self-hero (the best rookie in 1995), Sasaki, Sakah (2000 United States, the best rookie) and Suzuki (the best new show in 2001), the Grand Valley became the fourth place in history. Japanese player of award.

The 20-year-old Akna is elected to the best rookie in the country. Akuna from Venezuela was the first time in April this year. Akuna was 2 0 years old and 128 days of age, also broke the record of the youngest players at the time (but, after a month, Juan Sodo broke Akuna with the age of 19.207 days. Keep record). At this season, Akuna’s Atlanta Warriors have brought 26 homework for its effectiveness, and complete 16 piracy. This also makes it advantage in competing with Juan-Sologistic, and eventually elected the best new show in the country.

In Beijing, Wednesday, the Grand Union will publish the candidates of the United States and the best coaches of the United States. Whether the title of the World Competition title will win the title of the best coach, will be the biggest point of watching MLB tomorrow.