MLB-Granadal suffers from the rock to the lounge Asia bombard two cannons kill suspense

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On October 16, Beijing, the third game of the National Work MLB National Union Championship. Los Angeles Dao Qiji is mainly accomplished by the Milwaukee winemaker at 0-3, thereby temporarily in the series of 1-2 in the series.

Grana-caught mistakes were also in the critical moment, and the balloache rushed to the lounge, and the horse robes were struggling to raise their hand to prevent disputes. The explanation of the guest Chen Hui Qian Qi Taoist coach has hesitated, the result is that the deadly 2-point gun kills the competition, the host Rosen played Axia’s 3-year-old horn of the playoffs. See blood

The winemaker uses long-term next to the horse-robbery.

Walker-Bille was held in the first game to serve as a first pitcher, Chen Hui praised the status adjustment very good and the speed ball was below 97. Brandon Si Lorenzo – Kane’s four bad balls to send Christian-Yeliqi, and then be taken by Len Braun to send Yelle to run back to the home base to let the wineman leader to 1-0, Chen Hui introduced this to the first drop of the first time in the Biller season.

Silve people second base, but Travis-Shaw Hess-Aguilar is out of the bureau, in the second half of the first half, Koris Xie Xin, served as the first pitcher, successively solved the Qiaoke Ped Sen, Max – Mangxi and Justin Turner. Winemaker to play Orlando – Assia in the second half of the 2nd game, it is unable to play the earth, due to Manni Macha, the earth is not completed.

Chen Hui bluntly refused to prevent this in front of the touch, it was very difficult to prevent it, so in Biles sent Musak, Musakas, Eric Clais and Joris Xie Xin out. Manny Macamo knocked out in the second half of the second half, and then sliding the two-base base to lift the right hand. Dangering Xiao Shou prepare, was complained by the wineman’s head coach and the catch, but the main trial did not The subtle base made a judgment.

Machado’s technically highlights the preparation of winemaker challenge to complete the change

Kodi-Beilinje is hit by Yashier Piger, and the two or three finals have been promoted to the two or three bases. Let Dao Qi ushered in the work, but the Bille is left behind by San Zhen, and Rosen’s straight says that there is a two-three bases when they go out, but they have no points, Kane, Yelic and Braun in the third game. The upper half is also difficult.

Pederson, Mangxi and Turner did not let the Dodge in the second half, Musa Cas took out the place after the fourth game and Aguigarah, but unfortunately Kraz was also solved. Did not push the package, Rosen’s comment on the winemaker knocking out of not hurting. Machado was secured in the second half of the fourth place, and the Bayinjie used a winemaker to rush to the base but changed his double kill.

It turned out that
the wineman’s second base, Assainment, I found awareness to the right side, but the horsebeard is still deliberately close to the Assya, and the situation is hitting the hand to touch the Azia thighs to form an offering, winemaking The people’s head coach immediately applied for an eagle eye challenge, and the main review was arrested by the reconsideration of the renovation, and Chen Hui’s direct video playback was a good opportunity for the science rules.

Xie Xin was knocked out the high-speed ball abandoned Bingler’s tradition

Silver people were in the fifth game due to Agia and Xie Xin were killed by Zhenzhen, Kane’s rolling ball was blocked, and the Granadal knocked out the second base for the second half of the second game. Some people, Ernand is knocking out the high-speed ball but does not push the package. Rosen ridicules the winemaker first, Xie Xindu “abandon the treatment (abandon treatment)”, good in this ball did not form the home run.

Bille was robbed by Sanzhen and Pederson to be killed, Rosen used the game’s gap point to comment on regret, there were two high-flying balls that did not form home hits, Chen Huixi’s top 5 games and expected Different, the pressure of the first hair warfare is good, but the Dodge cows are also easy to appear, and how to schedule the cowshed and arrange to consider it as a generation.

After the first half of the 6th game, Ye Liqi and Braun were out of the game, Xiao Mingjie defeated the wall to catch the ball, forming a three-base play, Chen Hui, the right, the right, the right of the right, the reunion, the reunion, the reunion. Xiao is again running back to the Bright, and let the winemaker let the winemakers will be 1 to 2-0. Chen Hui is really what is said, what is afraid of what, the two invisible mistakes are quite fatal.

Assia two-point gun leader four-point Granadar captured mistakes

The winemaker pitcher Xie Xin swims the west in the second half of the second half, but Mustas killed the mistake, let Turner will go to the second base, force the Terminator Knebell debut to serve as a trunk pitcher, pass The ground rolling blocked Maxo and San Zhen Bai Linjie completed the preparation. Chen Hui felt unfortunately for Dodge continuously wasting someone, Musakas stepped out of the ground.

After Kraz, the second base was knocked out, and the Acy decisively knocked out that the wineman made a winemaker to expand to 4-0. Chen Hui introduced this is the third bomb on the playoffs in the playoffs, may also decide the game The negative home base is hit, and it is pointed out that the strange right field is very shallow and easy to form home. At the same time, Chen Hui questioned that when the bulp sprout was lost, did not replace the pitcher is a good choice?

Dodge has replaced the pitcher in the 8th game, Alex-Wood, was stolen by Ye Liqi, but he was shocked by the second base. Chen Hui praised Ye Liqi to steal the situation. However, it is not solved when Braun is homework. Xiao Li used Grana to capture the mistake to two or three bases, Chen Hui’s Grana is really lost, Musakas knocked out the high-speed ball was killed to let the winemaker left a residue.

Xiao Shounan killed at the outside of the wall Granadal killed self-salvation

The winemaker chooses to change the summons in the second half of the 8th game to solve the drop-qi three-in-one Chris Taylor, David Fritz and Matt-Camp. Dodge is in the 9th game, halfway is to choose to replace Dylan Flot, first come to the first four bad balls to send Cladz, and then be knocking out of the ground, it is good to be in the block. The second base of Kraz.

Ernam – Perez knocked out of the security to make a winemaker, and a pity, but the subsequent pirate was killed by Scholar Captain. The winemaker chooses to change Jeremy Jeffreis in the 9th game, was knocked out the second base to be hit by Turner, and Xiao face squatted to the martial art. The fans did not interfere with this ball.

Granadal waves the lounge Jeffreis goodbye to the three oscillated

Machakou knocking out of the long assault to promote the second or three bases, Belinja high-flying ball was killed, and Puig was formed by the four bad balls to form a person, full of a good situation, Chen Hui praised Maxo’s performance after Dodge trading. Granadal was waved by Sanzhen off the scene, and Chen Hui said that he had an eye-catching in front of the attack and defense.

Jeffreis helps winemakers with a goodbye to see the Dodge 4-0. After Chen Huiyai, the reappere wineman wins to transfer the line and pitcher more, and point out that Dodge is in the favorable situation of two full bases. Since the line does not force, it is very unfortunately unfortunately.

In addition, Chen Hui is often the stage of a small person, talking about the importance of Agia’s own hits, which is to kill the suspense in this game. This is also his season. The 3rd rampant of the next match, and the opposite of the long-long routine colors only had 3 books, and the Rosen played Axia’s 3-year-old horn in the playoffs.