MLB defending champion Boston red stocking fireball pitcher Nessen – Evardi’s 3A small alliance in the first rehabilitation competition today, there is news, this weekend, he will go to the big alliance and red stocking It is officially becoming a cow shed.Because the elbow

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pain is not suitable, since the end of April, the reddock wins the governor has been in the list of injuries. Because the career has undergone ligament transplant surgery, the socks are very conservative on the status assessment of Joaldi. I would rather let him rest more and don’t help him play.

In today’s competition, there are 11 good balls in 19 pigeons in Joaldi, which is guaranteed. Although the team eventually lost to Louisville teams, this does not hinder the Sanzhen Triple of Toyawa. Good performance. Balmo and Jagua in the front of the redddle will open the Four-World War Series, Jovaldi is expected to go directly from ILNIA to Baltimore from Sunday.

As the team was previously announced, it was previously turned into the cowshed from the remaining stage of Jovaldi this season, and it is expected to take the task of the team’s terminator.

“I feel
very good. The straight ball feels very good, the Carter ball feels very good. I didn’t take the ball today, but my two curved balls feel very good,” Jovaldi told reporters after the game. “I think I have already completed all possible rehabilitation, I am ready. Tomorrow is mainly a rest day, I have to go with my teammates on Saturday or Sunday.”

Najuse – Jovaldi launched a four-year value of $ 68 million in December last year. Due to injuries in the season, there is no victory in four games in four games.