MLB Daily Data: Luoki Jinda Jindu Safe Wang is elected Royal Best

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Rocky kills the bear to advance

Rocky kills the bear to advance

On October 3, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union was unveiled. Only one game was only a game in this game. That is the national affiliate card war of the Bear’s horn, and finally the two sides have worked until the 13th game of the extended competition. 2-1 Sheng Jinjin National Zhuzhang Division. Rocky will then challenge the best winemaker.

Luochi advances into a record

Rocky defeated the bear in the outer card, which is the first playoffs in the history of their team in the past 9 years. The last time I have diverted back to the 2009 Sale National Association Series.

It is necessary to play 13 games to divide the winning and negative, this is the largest number of winner-take-allgames, such as grab seven, etc., for example. This is also the first game in the history of the Rociji team. At this point, only the white socks left in the Great Alliance 30 have not won such a game.

Rocky also became the third team in the history of the Great Pilot to win the winning competition. The last one is a bear, and they defeated the Cleveland Indians in the seventh game in the 2016
World Contest. Another team is the 1980 Philadelphians, and they defeated space people in the seventpage of the National Union Championships.

The whole game consumes 4 hours and 55 minutes, which is also the longest playoff playing the history of the Wrigleyfield of the Bear.

Rocky first pitcher Kyle Velland (Kylefreland) This owner 6.2 has no fraction, only 4 placements 1. He became the first in the history of Luoji, the first 6 games or more pitcher in the season.

The bear is not strange

The cords have a total of 23 players, including 9 pitters, and the number of the number of mobilized players in the rancher.

The bear is mainly lost in the underscore. Their pitcher is still excellent. Colehamels in the first round value of the first round, this is the first to pay for the first time since 2011, this is the first time in the playoffs, and finally his main investment is two games.

And the bears were another contributor Jessechavez, and the main investment was not lost. Since the joining the bear since the season, he coincides with a total of 40 games, and the self-sharing rate (ERA) is 1.13 against the sky.

Seven people 162 full-quality

In the previous game day, the Dodge Tower 5-2 defeated Rocky. In this way, in the 163th game of the Dodge, there are also two players to reach the most 162 games in this season, which is Manny Macachado and Cody-Beilinjie. Codybellinger.

Prior to this, fifth of the league reached 162 full-quality. Two strong hands-on, Freddiefreeman and Wr-Markmarkakis, Freddiefreeman, and Malcakakis. There is also a national guerrilla transunturner, an annual sportsman who is only 24 years old. Mattolson, priest guerrillas Freddy – Garves (FreddyGalvis).

September award winner

Although the playoffs have attracted the Volkswagen, the winners of September are still worth paying attention.

The best newcomers in the United States were taken away by Grand Valley. And the best pitcher in Jianlian is the League winning king, the new ace Brake – Blake Snell. The best players of the United States of America are the angel Mike Turt, his race is above 40%, the second place is only 40% 38, while the alliance only 6 people can reach 40% The above oscillation rate. The best rescue pitcher is the sportsman Iron Niu Black – Terean (BlakeTreinen).

According to KK, the best newcomers are Juan SotoTo. The best pitcher is GermanMarquez, which is a big work under Lokji. The best player is undoubtedly a winemaker’s Christian – Jely. Best rescue pitcher is also a winemaker, and their terminator Coreyknebel.

Royal best Merirfield

The 2015 World Contest Champion, the Royal Reconstruction This season is only 58 wins and 104 losses, in the union center of the United States, the total alliance is second, only the Jinyan, 115. The second base hand-特-Merfield is undoubtedly the most prominent player in the Eyes of the Royal Blast. The 29-year-old player became a 192-metropolistan, and only 191 of the Warriors of Friiman. Merfield also became a Ballier of the Joint League of 45 times, and the second national Turner has 43 times.