MLB aesthetic rod tide brand automatic mechanical watch TP011 how?

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Love is high, so whether the boy is still a girl, you are eager to meet a warm and sweet love. In your love, use the most sincere friendship to care for each other, let the other party feel the feelings surrounded by love, so sweet ~

The ticket is going to have a birthday, so I should give him a point. After all, the previous gift is not official. This time I want to choose a more meaningful thing to give him, and then I think about it, I want to send a watch, fashion Atmospheric, the key is not easy, and later, there are many brands on the Internet, and finally fixed in the MLB mechanical watch, many small friends are recommended, see the netizens, the watch style is very good, so I also give me a piglet. Buy a ~

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This is a fully automatic mechanical watch. It is very eye-catching. For boys, black is suitable for the four seasons of the year, and it is full of cool. Sure enough, don’t let me wait? ! The value is really online ~

The watch is created with imported mechanical movements, select the 3A level movement, more accurate, more accurate, is more important, the pointer is attached to the environmentally friendly night-optic coating, but also more sunshine the length sakal live newsof the sun to absorb the light source energy storage, even at night Look at the table when you can read.

This watch has a 50m life waterproof process, which can meet daily life demand, even if it is washing hands, splashing water and washing the right to wash, it can have a great convenience to daily life. The fine steel case has the advantage of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness and high lightness.

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Silky steel strip, strong breathable performance, use high-tech steel belt weaving technology to create, table stripes are tightened, completely don’t worry, it will be clamped to sweat, haha ??~ This can be said to be very intimate, such a steel strip, The fashion and wear resistance effect have improved.

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Use strengthening mineral glass to create a mirror, high sharpness, very texture, and feel smooth. After men’s tickets, several friends asked him if he bought it, I like the style of the watch. After introducing MLB, the little friends have also “手”, now the whole day is more handsome, it can be said that it is very rare ~

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Maillot Chicago Cubs