Long centuries NFL season will be staged sheep pig who gets the wars of this century

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Beijing on September 5, NFL season is about to go to war for centuries. And previous season is slightly different this season NFL released a new century mark, NFL century event will run through the whole game all season, thanks to the support of the fans for centuries, but also to pay tribute to all the fans and everybody together on NFL stadium legendary players to leave you with tears and laughter. One hundred years ago, people in the United States doing? 1929 on the worst economic depression in American history, this country has changed, but also changed the world. But long-term perspective, every time a huge crisis, also pregnant with great hope. Magical charm of sports, can pierce the fog of history, the most wonderful human strength and faith from generation to generation.

Modern Sports NFL is the closest war game project. Phi helmet wearing armor just like the visual, and the real war is like the core of the game. That requires the most robust human body, but also need the strongest brain to memorize thousands of tactical combinations on, but also has the same iron discipline, curried, Juanqimei. Allies in World War II has a classic maxim: that is not afraid to die unworthy of your body armor, and also so that we do not killing innocent people dying for a war lost its meaning. NFL needs to head for the tactical implementation and coordination, need to invest a hundred percent, hundred percent focus.

In the new season, we can take these basic principles to watch the game, why some teams focused, why there is always the team ball dropped at the crucial moment. The answer can be verified in the war theory.

Gossip do not speak directly into game mode.

Centuries NFL this year to break the routine, to arrange for the season opener of the National League North team, losing in last year’s playoffs by the Chicago Bear, just replace the home game against the Green Bay Packers coach. These two teams are one of the oldest NFL team, but also even sprout roots in local representative of the northern city. Green Bay is the only NFL entire shareholding by the fans of the team, you must publish annual financial statements. Group rivals meet, needless to say, meet hit, decades centuries of rancor created absolutely incompatible. With such a wonderful season for the competition kicked off, very appropriate.

The last Super Bowl champion Patriots game has not been arranged in the season opener, but is using the Sunday Night game on NBC’s live window nation. Inside AFC League, Tom Brady and the Patriots Pittsburgh Big Ben, is a pair of enemy dead for many years, these two teams meet, no news have to be made out of the news. Pittsburgh two seasons ago, the Patriots had to kill at home, the Patriots almost snatched home-court advantage, but in the playoffs have not seen for a long time. Why what? Pittsburgh unlikely to live up to expectations. Patriots into the Super Bowl every year, but Pittsburgh could not either make the playoffs or playoffs early exit, simply not qualified to face the Patriots.

Season just opened, it busted so many old stories. Patriots and Pittsburgh, Brady and Big, strong or weak, a decided and who counsels who are guilty of that. Brady’s record against Big Ben is 2-8, losing every battle of the large ones. Brady, 42, Big 37 this year, without a little effort, then maybe even Big Ben Brady also fail to recover the back.

Wonderful week in and week, allies and enemies everywhere to stay. It has just been sold to the New York Giants, Cleveland Brown’s OBJ, the second week of the new season will be a guest at the New York Metropolitan Stadium, fighting off his former team. Gentleman revenge, no later than ten years. Unfortunately OBJ is not a gentleman, revengeful, the sooner the better. You can imagine Brown tension within the team. OBJ playing well, the Giants might and former teammate of conflict. Play well, will Brown’s teammate cursed loudly. NFL is a recreational sport, all eyes are on how OBJ director himself out of New York this Revenge.

The same is the second week, the Rams and Saints meet again. The story between them is very simple and very legend. Last year’s playoffs because of a ram’s obvious fouls did not blow, the living saints and star quarterback pigs to ignore locked out of the Super Bowl. Of course, not Xiaorendezhi Rams, they lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Since then, the people of New Orleans changed the dictionary ‘robbery’ definition. In the southern seaside city of tall, Ram is synonymous with robbery. The so-called Yuanjialuzhai, the two teams met early in the second round, not a posture of a severely dry, eat melon are sorry for the people looking forward to expression. Life and death bearish, despite it dry, Come on, it hurt each other!

Good game every week, according to the feud, according to seniority, by rich and poor, according to intelligence, always able to find the most attractive matchup. Seattle seventh week of fighting off crows, birds, animals have to compete; the eighth week, Brown bully field in May to conduct a long Boston Patriots in front of the masters; 14 weeks, the chief guest at the Patriot, the new government continued the old things, last year’s postseason game was kicked out of the need to avenge ratio; 16 weeks guest Pittsburgh New York jets, Jiujiang Leveon Bell sharpening swine and sheep. Various other team rival bloody civil war is incalculable. I want to watch or to get NFL.

This year, NFL continued to arrange four London stations, two in Wemblest Stadium, two new home on the pilot team. The kicking time will be in the evening of Asia 90 o’clock, which is very friendly for the fans of this time zone. Thanksgiving Day is staged. Detroit lion played a big bear at home, Cowgirl in the afternoon, in the evening of the Atlanta Falcon. The good play is connected, and it will not be interrupted all day.

For the new season NFL’s pass trend, you can teach you two sentences, even if you are full of people, you can install an old passenger in front of the old driver. The first sentence is that the patriot will not enter the super bowl. The second sentence is that the saints will not be so bad this year. Don’t explain too much. If you finish your head, you will follow the sigh of sigh. If the patriot’s legend, even if you only look at the news broadcast every day, you also know that the four-point BRADY and the head coach Pillak are the nail households in the superbow, it is said to have 29 million fans in China.

The trial combination of the Saint is that the pig is ignorant and Pedon. If the brother is not suppressed by the patriot two, it has long been the NFL’s forty thief level. Nfl has a legend called dragon sheep pig, four big kings. Dragon is Green Bay Longoro, the sheep is Goat Tom Brady. The pig is ignive, the capital is the quarter of Pittsburgh. This brother came four, and the road that essentially super bowl was blocked.

In addition, the superb bowl of runner-up ram last year, the chief of MVP Ma Hong, the previous year’s super bowl, the champion, the super bowl is blocked, and other teams don’t think. Of course, there are also many cerebral caves. It is believed that the superior Youth of the paper is superior, the comedy actor holds the group of the western circus Auckland raid, and even smiled, the Atlantan Falcon, which is smiled, is also theoretically compete for super The opportunity of a bowl. Do you have to have a dream, after all, there is no loss. No injury, the superb bowl of the season, AFC is definitely patriot and chief, NFC is the saints and ram. These four teams are leader teams.

AFC’s Pittsburgh, Lightning, Texas, NFC’s Hawks, Eagle Cowboy, Green Bay and Big Bear, are chasing. The rest is the same as the vast fans. Happy, drinking, hard, distressed, drinking, skewers, there is nothing to think about drinking. In the spiritual level, fans and most soy sauce team did not differ much.

According to the age, the NFL is also a talent, and the waves are placed in the waves. Last year’s Xiuziyuan Maya, the arrogant clouds, and the opponent. He has a benefit, there is no teammate in the temporary, it seems that it is not too much, the basic emotional business is still there. Last year, NFL Wang Song, Josh Rosen, turned from Arizona Red Bird to Miami Dolphin, actually lost the starting to Harvard. But Rosen is strong, put it, and use high quality training.

Last year is a rookie quarter-saving year. Sam darnold sat firmly, Josh Allen played the heavens and earth in Buffalo, and Lamar Jackson, who was so late, was also trust in the crow, and was given honored by the team this year. These second-grade rookie quadrants, after a year of hindering, even after crime, this year is likely to usher in an outbreak year. These players add a vitality to NFL and bring pressure on the old teammates. Nfl hits a hundred seasons, spending flowers, people come out, the only thing is a generation than one generation. It seems that this is a natural law, the human and sports community are unable to resist.

There is a lot of potential for the team this year to enter the team. Friends who have paid attention to the draft process may be familiar with some of them. Super Run Front David Montgomery is expected to win the first position of Chicago Big Bear, crying boy chasing a boy DK Metcalf, determined to play a new world in Seattle. DWAYNE HASKINS can only serve as the third fourth part of the sky, but the main coach tells him that the distance between the main force is so thin, excited? Greedy Williams slipped from the first ten-round potential, slipped to the second round into Brown. His mission is to prove that the world is wrong, because everyone’s vision has problems. These rookies have a rookie, all have the potential of subversive alliances, but it is not good to say. Since the chance has been here, do your best to chase the dream, I will live by me.

The new season, in China, the platform for broadcasting NFL is still constant -. These years have passed NFL in China, and the number of people watching the game is indeed an upward trend. Last year’s statistics, NFL’s viewing number on digital media platforms has increased by 72% higher than previous season, and overall ratings increased by 170%. In the 2018-2019 season, NFL-related videos have passed more than 100 billion playback, with an average of nearly 18 million video playback.

China currently has more than 50,000 adolescents, regularly participate in organized football training, which is expected to reach more than 100,000 to 2020.

The above data is not to give yourself strong, but tell you that NFL does have a huge fans in China, and every day, like you like NFL football, the number of people who like NFL rugby is still increasing. The football is positive and optimistic, and the spirit of never saying, brought about honestly, it is not humble.

Walking in the crowd, you can see that you are an NFL fans, not because of the patriot or hick’s jersey, but you grinned the wide cardiac breasts and a panda eye left on the night. NFL Century season, let us enjoy it together.