Laser eye failure? After entering the currency, the Bitcoin plunged 40% NFL Qi crown helpless questioning netizen

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Finance (Shanghai, editing Xiaoxiang),American football superstar, NFL seven crown winners Tom Braddy said in May this year, he was “faithful believer” that was encrypted currency and thought that Bitcoin’s gains will go farther. However, the best athletes in the history of North America have a powerful competenator, and the performance in the field of investment is obviously far less likely.

Since Braddy, he changed his tweet avatar as a photo of “Laser Eye” last month, suggesting that the price of Bitcoin has dropped 40% since investing in Bitcoin. Braddy seems to be a “reverse indicator” of the currency.

In this regard, Braddy has updated a slightly unavailability this week: “Ok, it seems that the laser eyes don’t work. Someone is idea?”

Since the release of the quality effect of the video games in 2010, the character with the luminescent eye is widely used in the form of an expression package picture. People use PS techniques to add various pictures to laser eye indicating that they have obtained.

This promotion has attracted many Braddy fans and currency investors after publishing.

Some netizens said that “Bitcoin itself is a Pang’s scam. You only have to find a bigger fool picking”; and some currency is suggested that Braddy continues to hold, even add.

Breddy wife, the tweet powder is more than double supermodel Gise Bundchen than Braddy, it is slightly “deeply” reply, “I have some ideas …”

In late May this year, Braddy said at the 2021 consecutive conference of Coindesk, he was “very confident” for the long-term prospects of encrypted currency. Breddy revealed that in the past year, with the value of Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies, he did invest in uttar pradesh school news the encrypted currency field. Although I am “not an expert” in this market, I tried to know more.

However, in the past month, as the global regulatory agency continues to strengthen the review of the encrypted monetary market, Bitcoin has experienced continuous diving. Since the history of about 65,000 US dollars in mid-April this year, Bitcoin has fallen by forex factory news nearly 46%. China has been strikes in China’s “mining” behaviors in China, and in addition, the British and Japanese regulators have also warned the encrypted currency transaction platform coin.

However, in Braddy released the above-mentioned latest promotion, Bitcoin prices were rebounded, and the latest newspaper at the beginning of Tuesday, US $ 35,317. “ARK INVEST”, “Cathie Wood”, officially submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), will set up a Bitcoin ETF, this kind of helping Bitcoin this week The decline was initially stopped.

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