Kicking 12 strong games, let football return to the original state

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We need a patient and understanding of the Chairman of the Football Association, and the Director Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey of Depending on the Director of the Youth Training, I will give them ten years, and I have a good job from the low-level league to the high-level league. I do a good job in the employment trainer to the top coach pyramid training. This time is long.

Solidly do a good job in the training of the coach, not saying that we are not engaged, but there is no penetration.

I called to apply for the coaching card, and the D level must queue up for more than two years. We invited a lot of European big coaches to give Class C, Class C, but universal gaps.

Low-level coaching training is Kits Football Kits also a fast food training. The best way is that domestic coaches can go out. Our current football coach is very big, and there is a major part of the contestation that the coach pyramid is not built.

The young training is not a mouth of the mouth. Many people speak yourself on their mouths, saying that kicking expensive, expensive training, poor practicing law. The genius-level players are the coaches of the money to live, how can you black you?

Young training requires a large-scale football population, which is a large-scale phase-out player process. It should be practiced from five or six years old, we are 8-12 years old. We now make an elite Cheap Soccer Jersey concentration system, and the two hundred radish pick a big one and 20,000 people pick a big one, can the effect be the same?

The biggest problem of Chinese players is to be Football Shirts Wholesale introverted personality. Most people think that it is suitable for the local environment, not how fast and teammates are picked up.

The player said that the truth is the same batch of players. The coach is a tactical. If you are eager to get a good time, find a tactical layout to understand.

The national football coach has been very beautiful, the root cause of get out of class and transport is theoretical.

The theory of Europe is very correct, but getting us here, the player is adapted. Many players are already constitutive, and you want to change it.

Practice Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey is the only standard for testing truth, and the idea is good, but it is not suitable.

The national football is about to fight against the Arman, and the most suitable play is actually robbing. + Smashing the ball + big feet to find the striker, very practical, the scene is good.

If a country’s team wants to develop, the foundation of the league is necessary, the league gives the national team to make this retrieving thing or rest.