K Doctoral Xie Zer reappeared San Zhenxiu single 15K shocking education red

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When Washington National Team, Max Scherzer, in the second half of the eighth games, the Sinnati Red People’s Signature Star Voey Votto, the National Team, Dave Martinez I have paused my hand, I want to ask how much things left in his throne fuel tank.

“I want to hear himself. We exchanged some opinions, even chatted with a small party. If you talk about it, you can say that – Xie Zer is the best.”

After three goals, Xie Zer was vibrated with Wharto, and the last goal even came to 96 miles. After eight games, Xie Zer completed a perfect performance, 8 bodies https://www.b2bshopp.com were only hit by 3 security beats lost 1 point, and 15 times of three https://www.fanstore2.com
vibrations were even more new. However, using 120 balls at the same time is the highest season.

“I know I am a strong pitcher. You will know when you look at the schedule. I have a break before the first hair, and there is also a day after the next first hair. My arms are very good. In this case, I wanted to take the ball (pitting the hill). “Xie Zer said after the game. The 15th Zhen Zhen was the most last May 16th to the Tour City Philadelphians sent out 15 times, this is also the 22nd single field of Xie Zer ‘s glory. .

Nick Senzel said when the Nick Senzel was interviewed in the game today, “I mean, I am very happy, I am very happy. I am very happy. Go to any ball that falls to the ground. My few playing is not so bad, but his speed is really good today. We will meet again, it is estimated to be in Washington, so this https://www.maillotsenligne.com time It is a learning study. “

Xie Zer’s suppression of the Red Squad can be said to be a year. He has been in five consecutive three-in-one three-in-one three-in-one three-in-one. Today, this game is also the 86th single-digit double-digit segment of his career. More, he went on three games at the red team. The 20 games were only played 11 security, only lost one point, but also 35 red people’s three vibrations.

After winning this game, the National Team also won the seven games in the past 9 games, and it is also the victory of three consecutive series. Xie Zer said, “I think, we just played better. We have fewer unexpected mistakes in the near future, and these mistakes are the reason for us to lose a lot of competitions. If our team can support each other I have a good position, then I think the result will show our https://www.mlbtrikot4.com strength and effort. “The recent national team has replied a lot, which makes Xie Zel won today before the previous 12 games did not. Fire support.

Trea Turner, the continuous security of the Anthony Rendon, made the national uncle, the fourth game, was returned by the second base of Suzuki Qing. In the 12th priority of Xie Zer, the National Team has a score of less than 3, but the two points of the BRian Dozier are provided with Xie Zer for a long time. Didn’t see the fire support, which also made this original 2-1 tape warfare basically lost suspense.

And for today’s Xie Zer, it is enough. Even, the fast ball of Iglesias today was 98 miles in the fourth game, which was the fastest in his three years. Even, he had two consecutive three players. It seems that this is a great relationship with him for his shift ball. “I did a https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com little small adjustment in my shift ball, so I easier I easier to throw it into a good shield. This makes me easier to put it down, let it go to the ball belt below. Face left When the player, my curling today helped very much. “Xie Zer mentioned his state today.