Japanese Han Siyang players have a big flash, and the formation of Wu Lei has static contrast, and China’s football is at least twenty years.

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Since the Spanish has dropped to Xishi in the season, Wu Lei gradually lost position in the team. After returning to Liba this season, Wu Lei’s appearance opportunity is even more embarrassing, and even fell to the constant stage to play. . As a player in our country, Wu Lei, the encounter of Wu Lei, also reflects the success of Chinese football, which is a huge sorrow, especially in the two East Asian neighbors.

Japan and South Korea has been tired of players who have been fighting in the five major leagues. As we have already been familiar with Honda Guiyan, Ports Star and other older Mbappé Jersey men’s main stars even sitting the main force, and today, their leafy players are not only more. The quality is also generally getting better and better. Let’s take stock of several potential new stars in Japan and South China countries.

The first place, Fu Anyang.

This season has transferred from Scaronia to the Fu’an Jianyang, who is in the Premier League, Arsenal, and sits on the military factory to sit track of the main position of the team. He entered the defending position in the guard. For a long time, there was no more than one English player to pass him in a one-on-one situation, and after he arrived, Arsenal Seven Battle of Qijie did not taste the victory Successfully chased from the downgrade area to Europe, and even the trend beyond Manchester United and Lionel messi Jersey Westernham Union came to the fourth trend of the League. The most horrible thing is that Fu Anjian is only 23 years old.

Second, long health.

The 20-year-old long-term British did not appear in Mallorca for a long time. He was injured in the game with the main team, has been absent. But before the injury, he always firmly grasped a major position in the frontcourt. Although it does not come out in the intuitive data such as the goal assists, as long as people who have seen his contest know, he breaks through the breakthrough in the frontcourt. Not good, therefore can get the reputation of “Japan Messi”. At this year’s Tokyo Olympics, Liverpool Jersey he led Japan as an absolute main force to win the runner-up. He will grow a big enemy in the national football.

Third, Li Gangren.

The Korean teenager Li Gangren, who is dedicated to Valencia, is considered a genius during the young training. Many people know him may be because he has recruited the red card with the rough red-backed penalty of Ramos, which is not calm. Character is also one of his labels. He left the bats in this summer and came to Mallorca. He formed a frontal star of Mallorca with a long time, and he used a beautiful world wave in a pretty world wave. The gate. The performance of his premises in the starry Korean Chelsea Jersey national team is temporarily unable to have a location, but I believe that not long, he will become a frequent visitor of the national team.

The fourth place, Huang Haocan.

The 25-year-old Huang Xikan may not be called a small general, but everyone may not know is that the genius of the genius of our country is 26 years old. Huang Haocan was lended to the Premier Levi by Leipzi Red Bull in this summer. At present, only eight games, the wolf has already wanted to buy him directly. In these eight games, Huang Haocan only used the seven-footed gates to enter four goals, bringing valuable four points for the Wolf, and in the Jiugukan competition, Huang Xikan’s goal and other wolves are flat. In this manifestation, it has static contrast to Wushu Lei.

These players, not exaggerated, only the Han Siyang players show the elegant icebergs, others, such as the ancient bridge, the land, the farmland, Huang Ying, Huang Ren, etc., all day and Korean Excellent representatives in the player. As a national Football Shirts Wholesale football fan, I have to face a reality, that is, the gap between our two neighbors in football is far more than 20 years.