James is going to be the NBA team boss? The agency of his investment wants to acquire a team!

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Like Jordan, James has always wanted to be a NBA boss. However, because the NBA specifies that the player cannot be used as the NBA team owner, and the market value of the NBA team is also more than ten billion dollars, than James https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
is more than 1 billion US dollars, James is definitely the NBA team owner. of. So I want to acquire the NBA team, when the boss, James is the best way to use investment, and this is also the field of James.

James currentlyves invested in many industries, which not only allowed his assets to reach https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com its expectations, but also make James have more resources and voice to provide a higher platform to yourself. James’s most valuable investment is the small shareholder of the Fenwei Sports Group. And not just make money, James also has certain decision-making power. The Fenwei Sports Group also customizes some projects for James, such as Liverpool to work with James to create a brand that can challenge Nike Jordan in the football.

The Fenwei Sports Group has a lot of layout in the sports industry, with a number of famous sports clubs, such as Liverpool and Boston socks. As long as the Fenwei Sports Group has invested in these clubs, James and his partners Marfrick Carter will automatically become small shareholders. James is now a small boss of Liverpool and Red Socks.

According to reports on November 30, James may even become a https://www.nbatrikots4.com small boss of the NBA team, or the Fenwei Sports Group wants to invest. According to US media AXIOS report on November 30, Fenwei Sports Group has two investments this year, the first item from the Ice Hockey League NHL, they look at the Pittsburgh Penguin. The second item is NBA, James’s field, may acquire an NBA team at the end of this year. As for which NBA team, there is currently no more news.

If the Fenwei Sports Group has completed the acquisition of the NBA team, James is to be a boss of the NBA team. However, James may not be able to be a boss of the NBA team because he did not retreat, it was not accepted by NBA. Unless I sell that some shares like Jordan, James still doesn’t want to retire, which is also his only way. Unlike Jordan’s helper, James can sell the shares to a good friend Carter, and then reclaim after https://www.maillotbasket6.com retiring.

At present, the team waiting for sale is not much, the forest wolf may have recently reported the NBA team who wanted to be sold by the boss. The bokeh boss is exploding and is accepting a survey. If he has a problem, then the Sun team may also easily. There are also some NBA teams, may also be sold, and how to see the Fenwei Sports Group negotiating. According to reports, the sports map of the Fenwei Sports Group is very large. They want to create a new model, market practice in different regions. James invests in the Fenwei Sports Group, as a very good choice.