James 2 penalty 1, lost the chance of killing, the Lakers entered the third overtime!

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On November 27, the Lakers ended the journey and returned to the center of Stebis. This is facing the king, James, Davis leaders.

After the start of the game, Xiaoji Dan hooks, and then Wei Shao hit, the king rely on Harryburg’s three points, the first session, the two sides bite very tightly, the Lake people cast one, the king Also, the difference has not been expanded.

The first section ends, 20-20, flat.

Entering the second section, Anthony came up with a three-point, Alipan continued, followed by Anwser Ball,https://www.maillotbasket6.com the Harry Ball, and the Lakers maintain a weak leading advantage.

In the attack, Tristan Thompson took the team leader, got up and kill it in the basket, Lao Zhan saw the old acquaintance, one foot stands, causing TT offensive foul!

Next, 2 attacks, the king has emerged in a row, and Wei Shao 2 times is selfless pass to Mum, the latter has a very appetied dunk, igniting the home emotion.

After the pause, the Lakers play small lineups, the strategy of the king deal with the main line, TT has eaten a cake, and the advantage of the 8 points of the Lakers have not been seen.

In the second section, there is still a “five big baht,” in the face of the sea, Wei Shaoye actually did not go up! This is a good!

At the end of the half, 43-43, both parties.

Entering the third quarter, the Lakers https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
continuous mistakes, the king continued to convert, for a while, 6 points behind the Lake, Walgel called. Look at the current data

Pause it back, Wei Shao 2 penalty 2, and hit a threshold three points. In an offense, Lao Zhanqi killed the inside and hit by an opponent. Haha, Lao Zhan this expression, men know ~

Subsequently, the TT counterattack kills the inner line, Davis on the front cover, and has been topped. Brother, this is your own person, you are a brokerage company ~

The competition continued, and Wei Shao took over the competition in the third quarter, there was no old Zhan and the eyebrows, and Wei Shaoye let go, three points, assists, breakthrough, excitement, Wei Shao also jumped dance!

In the third section, 78-73, the Lakers lead 5 points.

Duecent, James led Howard, Mum and others, under his series, the Lakers led 10 points. Under the Cyclone of Fox and Hilde, the advantage of the Lakers is reduced to 4 points.

At the crucial moment, I have to look at Lao Zhan, three-pointers, and then eat the cake under the basket, and the Lakers lead 7 points.

The problem of the defensive appearance of the Lakers, was shouted by the king to play, and the king instantly rebells.

Suspend, Fox was investigated, and then Harryburden kills the inner line, the lake is 5 points behind, and it will be spent.

At the critical moment, Wei Shao broke through the dunks, Mum, sprouts three points, and the Lakers slammed the score. It is dangerous if you are Mumk, and the Lakers are really dangerous today.

In the last 1 minute, the James basket was played back, and the Lakers led 2 points, turning the Fox used the speed to kill the inner line and equalize the score.

The Lakers hold the last attack, James is in the face of the defensive dry pull, and enter the overtime.

On the overtime, the Lakers’ superstars still show strength, Wei Shangqi kills the inner line, James 2 penalty 2, the Lakers hold 6 points.

The first point of the King’s overtime game is only in the 3rd minute of the overtime. But this is the 2 + 1 of Hilde, and the Laoshan’s low single hand, the Lakers have stabilized the score.

Can Hild’s three points in 29 seconds, 110-110, and both sides once again. The Lakers finally attacked, and Wei Shao gave the eyebrows, the latter played the board, the Lakers lead 2 points.

After cast, the eyebrows were very calm. The last attack of the king, the Hilde is in the middle, and both parties will add!

At the beginning of the second time, Fox and Wei were 2 points respectively, and Davis was magically smashed 2 + 1. The king used three points to equalize, until Wei Shao was played, the lake talent leads 1 point.

Suspend, Fox layup, James 2 free throws, the Lake people pull the score.

Turning, Fox in Fox, James back, and flattened, the king finally attack, the time is finished, the Lakers enter the third overtime!

Hey, Wogel is not evil, clearly knows https://www.nbatrikots4.com that the three giants are not good at the same time, not to use. When I saw the leader of the game, I should know that when the Lakers won, they were one of them or one person, and I didn’t know if he didn’t believe it.

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