Jaguji famous gun gun is inspired by Bill quartzwide "garbage"

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Although the current bad record once makes Jacksonville’s apex, Jay, Ramsse mood, but asked about the next opponent Buffalo Boss’s rookie quarter-Aarent The color of Ramsea’s mouth is undoubtedly, and he insists that he is at the beginning of the season for Allen.

Ramse said in an interview with GQ magazine on Tuesday that he would not recover his own remarks. “I understand why I understand why I am so demanding about his remarks. If you don’t know me, it is your problem; if you go deep into me, you will understand why I will be so harsh.”

Ramsea’s evaluation of Allen originated on August 15th report, there is no longer, this report is also published in GQ magazine. At that time, Ramse said Yish-Allen is “garbage”. Today, Ramsee talks about this report, he explained some of the content, but did not change the view of Joshe-Allen. “If the coaches of each team are keen on Baker – Mayfield’s movement, mobile and big heart, then why don’t you choose Ramar, Jackson?” Ramsea for Lamar Jackson The evaluation is very high. Based on this reason, he commented on the three quartz guards selected in Ramar Jackson (Sam Doward Third Shift, Josh Allen Seventh Block, Josh Run’s ten in the line), which is especially stricter than Josh Allen’s evaluation.

“I think Allen is ‘garbage’!” Ramse mentioned in the report, “I don’t care what others say, I think he is garbage, he will use the performance to prove this. Bill’s draft shows me And the stupidity, this year we have to meet with Bill, I am very excited, I hope he is the first quarter-off. When he played a high-level school, his performance would smash each time. Iowa State University, in my opinion, it is not the highest level of school, because I am going to Florida State University; even if I can throw 5 copy 5 times in the face of Iowa State, in fact he faced High-level schools have never won. “” If you see that he faces a high-level school, you will find that he is always copied, there is always a mistake. This is very faceful, if he is enough, how do he Do not do better? He is a tall quarter-off, he has a strong arm, even if the arm is strong, I don’t recognize it, but it should be better in his physical fitness. “

Ramse’s memory is not so accurate. In fact, Allen did not pay hands with Iowa State University in Wyoming University, but Ramsse’s remarks are not airless. During the university, in the event of Nebraska University, Iowa University and the Oregon University, Allen came out of 427 yards, 1 time reached 8 cases of copy, the pass success rate is only 50%. His team lost 92 points in these three games. However, he is also traveled by the Bill team in the 7th step, and became a high glitch.

In this Sunday competition, the American tiger and Bill will talk directly, although the two teams are 3 wins and 7 losses, but the mentality is very different. The American Tiger needs a victory to prove that herself, and Bill enters the rest week, it is easy to wait. And Josh Allen is likely to start in the Sunday competition.

When asked questions about Ramse, Yash Allen also reiterated that he said in August, he said that Ramse’s remarks did not cause trouble. “Hone other words, I don’t remember what he said, I don’t care. I am more concerned about my feelings of my teammates, and the progress I have achieved, I am still adapting to this alliance, adapt to such a game and enjoy It, continues to work with my teammates. “

However, the gun gun before the game is just an increase in the game, but it is worth mentioning that Ramse is just completed 2 copies, the state is counted; if the four-point guard face is about Shi Allen, then when Allen challenges his zone, it will be focused.

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