It’s all right front, I like to cut the door in the right road, Salah is more stronger than Roben, who is more stronger?

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It’s all right front, I like to cut the door in the right road, Salah is more stronger than Roben, who is more stronger? From 18 years of infinite approach Messi and C Luo World football 3rd, the Champions League event met Ramos, let him silence. However, from the state of this season, Sarah’s performance is hot, and the faint can be said to have the first person’s trend.

However, Luo Ben did nothing, the peak moment encountered Messi C Luo, Roben, the peak, but Robben had a fatal shortcomings, that is, it is easy to be injured enough, if current samachar in hindi Luo Ben can have C Luo The body, achievements will not be under Mero, Roben is destroyed by injuries.

The peak of Robben broke through, and in the case of the Dutch national team players, the quality of the Quele, just like Maradona, almost a supercoming breakthrough capacity of the Dutch team and the tactical explosion point of the Netherlands. The fulcrum, led the weak Dutch team won the World Cup runner-up two consecutive times, which is more than that of Sarah.

Sarah shoots stronger, very stable shooting efficiency, basically in each season, basically in 30 goals, in the data-based modern football, Sarah is easier to get the Golden Award. Just came to Liverpool’s Sarah, which is more than one first-class to second-class players. It is not a super superstar. Who once thought that he was combined with the front line of Mikino, google hindi news paper a chemical reaction achievement The unbelievable red arrow three-year combination, so Sarah is a martial arts master who has opened the second pulse of the second pulse. Sudden skill is increased, and the status of the football is also supported in the ranks of the super superstar.

About Sarah proposed a $ 500,000-pound of requirements. Sarah’s contract itself is 2023. At the age of 32, Sarah is 32 years old. If it is discussed in 2022, it will not want to renew. In fact, Liverpool gives the first high price in the Salach team. But it is much more than 500,000 points required by Sarah.

It is undeniable that Sarah is very important to Liverpool, but the two years of Liverpool relatively good results, the main hero is the main hero and the coach team, of course, and the transfer team headed by Edward. Sarah is really a bit high in news 18 tv channel the Premier League.