Is there an impact on reform? This season’s penalty number is doubled: the letter brother is 2 times in the city.

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This season, many stars have been encountered in the career Waterloo, such as Lilad and other players, some people say that it is rule restrictions.

But is it true?

The answer is not, this season, the letter brother has been allowed to wait more than 10 goals, and 2 times in the Curry, it is weakened by the version, still 6 times.

Is the new rule that really restricts the star?

This matter, don’t be a cloud, when you talk about the new regulations, you must first know what the four new rules introduced this summer. You use this new rule to put it on each player’s technical characteristics, you know the rules to the end limit. Who.

Talking about the new rules, some friends export is the new rule, who, do you know what new rule is? Who is the example player given by the NBA official?

I will tell you.

Article 1 Article 1, shooting people hit or rely on abnormal angles, NBA official example players as Juliz-Randel, fragment to Randel three-line line, put the opponent to the opponent, this Ball new season does not blow.

Article 2, deviation of the line hits the defensive player, the official example of the NBA is Stephen Canti, mainly used in the library, and the ball is not blowing in the new season.

Article 3, the leg extension of the legs, the NBA official example player is Di Long Broo, mainly for the player with a non-normal angle and amplitude kick, this kind of ball is a defensive foul, now counting an offensive foul.

4 of the rules, shooting against defensive players, NBA official examples are Paul – George, mainly for non-shooting brain-striking breeds.

The above is the rules of the NBA resort period. We must first figure out what the rules are just clear! Do you say these rules? Is there an impact on top superstars?

There is no impact, especially for Harden, saying straightforward points, these are all things left in Harden, and Harden is not so playing after the season, you can understand that other players They are the successors of Harden! After several years, Harden has learned and applied.

So, for the star group, I encountered Waterloo?

The first reason is because NBA replaces the ball, the break, NBA uses these players for more than a few years of basketball from Schbleding, replacing the basketball to NBA players have an impact But not overcome, this takes time.

Second, overkill.

You can understand the referee, over-execute new NBA new rules, which causes many people to be ignored, when you can be invaded, your offensive efficiency will naturally fall, represent people or Harden, At the beginning of the season, Harden was pulled, and the shoulders did not blow.

So do you say that the rules have an impact on top players? There is no, the most straightforward example, Trre Yang, who hits the whole group last season, Tre Yang, who has lost these fouls last season, and remains after the loss of these fouls, still the forefront of the previous five levels, average 26.3 points 9.3 Sub-assisted attack, the hit rate is the highest!

During the impression, the players who do not rely on the whistle, such as Tamum, Tutum, 24.4 points this season, and the lowest in shooting.

The restriction of the so-called rules, most of which are in the impression stream of fans, NBA players don’t be as weak, any rule changes, will have a pain in the early days, but with time, as these players have begun to adapt, The so-called rules are not called.

Let’s talk about it.

Let you change a lot of habits, this is not a simple matter, the above has been used by Ban, which is used in this season. It is just a habit of many years. What do you think?