Inventory NBA today’s five major records, Jameswi Shahda, Paul, Middton Dagui Milestone

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On November 27, Beijing time, NBA has been in Thanksgiving, and the regular season continues to open. Today, a total of 12 games, the same year of birth, let’s take a look at it.

1. Paul reached 1500

Today, the Sun came to challenge the New York Knicks, and finally the Sun team scored two, with 118-97 Daye Nicks, in this game, the sun star Kris Paul will play 30 minutes and 14 seconds, 6 shots 3 Among them, three points 1, free throw 9 in 7, get 14 points 4 rebounds 10 assists 1 steals 2 mistakes.

According to data statistics, Paul’s hit today three points, let his career have a 1500 mark.

2. Midelton’s total score

Today, the Bulk is challenged the Danfu Jincun. The final Buck 120-109 defeated the Nuggets, welcoming 6 consecutive victories, in this game, Middalton was played for 30 minutes, get 17 points 5 rebounds 7 assists .

According to data statistics, after the end of this game, Midelton’s career has come to 10016 points, successfully moved 10,000 milestones.

3. What is the record of James Lakers?

Today, the Lakers fight the young king team at home, James played 49 minutes and 45 seconds in this game, 25 shots 10, three points 13 in 2, free throws 11 8, get 30 points 7 rebound 11 Assistant 7 mistakes.

According to data statistics, James career the 14th placement time reached 50 minutes, and it was the first time in his lake’s career. The last day, it is still traced back to the April 2017 Knight’s game, although the Lake people lose, but still prove James is not old.

4.? 少, James Berbergabar

The Lakers lost to the Kings from 137-141 today. In this game, Wei Shao appeared for 51 minutes, 18 shots 10, three of which three points 4, free throw 9 in 7, a total of 29 points 10 rebound 11 assists 2 Step 3 mistakes. After this game, Wei Shao stab the 5th three pairs of individuals in the season, and also the 189th of the career.

In addition, according to data statistics, James and Wei Shao have become the lake since Num-Nixon and Jabal, November 3, 1978, the team’s leader cuts at the same time to cut at least 25 points 10 assists, although the Lakers lost, But James and Wei Shao’s performance are really excellent.

5.? Curry career 220 times 30+

Today, the Warriors in the home stage, in today’s game, Curry was played for 38 minutes. The audience was 25 in 12, three of them and 15 shots, 32 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists 1 steal.

According to data statistics, this is the 220th single field of Curry career, and the current digital temporary warrior history is third. In addition, Kuri hits 6 minutes, after the end of this game, Curry has been in 143 consecutive games, continuing to refresh the historical record of individuals, and the
longest record.