Intercondary: Inter Milan considers Ericson and Ornament with Ajax

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Live Bar November 3rd According to the “Turin Sports” report, Guomi is considering exchange Ericson and Ornament with Ajax.

Due to sudden shock incidents in the new corona cases in india European Cup in this summer, Ericson accepted the transplant surgery of the heart defibrillator, and according to the relevant provisions of Italy, the players wearing a heart defibrillator cannot participate in the professional league, that is, Ery Kesen can’t stay in the country to continue to fight Serie A.

In this way, Ericson may go to other countries, such as wwe hindi khabar Premier League or Junk, continue their career. Inter Milan will also meet Ericson, discuss the current problems. The most likely now is that the two sides have times now latest news negotiated the contract, so that country is also saving a salary expenditure.

Another solution is to try to reach an Ajax to reach an agreement and complete the interchange of Ericson and Orona. Since tomorrow, O’Na will end long ban, Ajax’s fans don’t want to see Auna as the team’s effectiveness, which makes Ajax aaj tak news headlines today in hindi live may try to exchange Eric with Inter. Sen and Orna. Ajax doesn’t want to lose Ona Kana, but I don’t want to lose Ericson for free, but First, Ericson needs to have a better assessment of physical condition.