How to make up the World Contest for seven defeats in the world?

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In the national union finals before about 24 hours, let the winemaker feel unfinished by the fans of the winemaker, although they did witness the legendary season of winemaking.

The winemaker doesn’t have much fans outside Wisconsin, and those neutral fans are hard to imagine that they will be anti-smashing becomes a national union regular season. Compared with the results, the process of winemaking overtaking is more obsessed. In the early September, they still returned the bear 5, and the venters in the last week narrowed the gap to 2.5. Finally, I rely on a wave of 8, winning, surpassing the bear, which also includes the classic playing victory in the Rigli Stadium.

Subsequent National Association Silver Winers sweep Luoki and the Dodge Teacher State Federation, and finally fight to grab the seven moments.

The most implied decision of winemakers in late January is that they also signed Lorenzo-Kane and Christian-Jerege, and the latter has almost locked the position of the National Union MVP. Hessis – Aguilar has a rapid progress and is selected for all star games. Zuo Pitcher Josh-Black Decorates a raceful point in the year, and his excellent performance in October makes the baseball fan in the world remembers his name, he is also a full star Player. Jeremy – Jeffris performance in the regular season is fully equipped with an elite level terminator.

This season’s winemaker left too many unusual memories of the fans. When we look back in the season of winemakers, I think they wrote a legend in the snow -side snow on the Lake Subilia.

Of course, the team management will become the protagonist of MLB news every winter. The Striist Manager David-Sterns Exhibition is coming.

[Catcher location]

At the position of the catcher, they have no good reinforcement, unless they are in the phases and want to trader the martial arts of Marin fish, (of course, the transaction of Jerege success is in the first, Marulin fish is afraid Will be so embarrassing. Manny Pini and Eric Cratt are considering the team, and it is very good. In the small union, Jet – Bandi and Christian – Badan Cort is also sufficient to ensure the depth of the winemaker.

Of course, if they want a high quality first, the best choice may have in the free market is also Wilson-Ramos and Asmani-Graniro.


Agah is still under the control of the team, and if this season Aguarah is purely, Eric Toms and Ryan Braun are also a good base.

In terms of two bases, Joinedan Sku has only one year to enter the arbitration year, and now he is only a year of time as all star players. Tel Avis-Xiao is still, but because Musakas is likely to test the free market, Xiao may return to the position of the three base. At that time, Ernan-Perez is expected to return to the start.

In terms of guerrilla, Orlando-Assia has been obvious to the offensive level in the last two months of regular season and playoffs, and his defensive performance is a potential all-star level.

If the three bases, there is nothing to do.

In the small union farm, Nick Franklin is expected to have an impact, he is a good one in 16 years. And the second base Hand Caston-Hou Di and the three bases, Luas, Erset, may be issued from 3A, if they play a good place to rise to the big alliance.

[Older Hand]

Jeregi, Kane and Braun’s three foreign countries have difficulty shake, of course, Perez can also guard in the field. Tems and Brockston are replacement-standing players. Domingo – Santana in 2017 is still the first field of foreign countries, and he also has the ability to be a first farmer.

[First, Pitcher]

The brewer’s first pitcher group may not be as powerful as many people imagine. Joris Die Xin returned to the wheel value and as a trump card, Chak Smith spent a difficult year, but his performance was excellent in the last season, and he was only 26 years old. Chaus Anderson This wineman originally federate because of the poor performance in August, but he will return to the first round value in the new season. Connect Gla and Brandon – Woodrov seem to be a good choice. Zuo
Pitcher Brent Sutt will return, and he has sent 32 games in the past two seasons.

Corbin – Barnes is also a good choice. His small alliance career has been debut as a first firing. Check-Brown handed over 2.44 self-vibration rates at 2A, and 116 three vibrations were handed over at 125.2. There is also a name that is ignored by many people – Jimmy Nielsen, who was a team of the team before injury in September 2017, but his 2018 reimbursement. There is Wade Milly, and the wonderful performance in the playoffs should usher in many pursuits. He is likely to usher in a big contract during the offset period.

In terms of free market, if the brewer boss is spending money, he can ask Retur-Granki. There are still many similar to Mai Li: Zuo Palph Patrick Colin, right investment Nantan-Ivoti, Lev Dak Rus-Kagl and right investment Charlie – Morton is a great choice.


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