How does the NBA coach be helpful? Bobovi is not copied, Wharton finally leaving

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In a team, the salary of the coach may not have a player, and the famous gas may not have a player, but the role must be more obvious than the player.

Perhaps in a smooth game, you can’t see the role of the coach, that is because all the tactics are executive, it is generally considered to be a player. However, if the team encounters adversity, it should be played at this time.

Of course, not all coaches can bring forward roles to the team. There are also many coaches in NBA to be helpless, then how do they help? Let’s take a look.

Third, Wharton’s reverse pause.

The king is particularly surprised, the new show has a wave of waves, and the luxury tax is not less than, but it is not in the playoffs, and the king of the regular season encounters a strong team. But it is almost sending a weak team.

A large part of the reason is that there is a coach Wharton. Wharton did not act at the talent. The champion ring in the player’s era is also mixed with Kobe.

When the Kings coached, Wharton often contributed to the reverse suspension. When the team played the wind, Wharton quickly took a shot of the players. Then let the other party can adjust the status so that you can pursue points.

Second, Nash’s arrogance.

The basketball fan may ask, Nash has any capital arrogance, I don’t know, but people Nash are really arrogant. For example, with the regular season with the Warriors, Nash did not let the organs in the team debuted, and the stun is with the Warriors than five small lineup.

And the Warriors are more than five, this is not equal to the power of O’Neill, and Carterum bouncing? The results of the competition were self-evident, and the Nets had a postoperative 30 points behind the court and hit by the Warriors.

First, Malong has a deep Bobovic.

There are a lot of tricks of the head of the Spurs, such as when the team is behind, he will take the initiative to give him a penalty, to motivate the players, don’t say, this practice is effective. It is also benefited from the system of the people’s Spurs. No one can imitate.

In Nuggets and 76 people, Bobovi’s disciples Malong took this trick, and the result was a face. The Nuggets mainfalls did not have 76 people in Entbide, Simmons, and 10 points behind the third quarter.

Malone was in the arms of the controversy, rushed into the field roared, directly passed the two technical foul eviction, and later the Nuggets were behind 20 points, like the Net, the home was hit.

In fact, the NBA coach has a lot of ways, the easiest thing is to crave the troops. For example, who will play the best, who will give more tactics, let the fans see a fog .

But people’s coaches are definitely not rushing to help, but the situation is turning into a situation, plus self-tactical literacy, sometimes I can’t do it.