Hebei football is full of "intelligent"

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Heavy message

At 14:15 on November 3, with the first registration review of the national secondary referee, the football information platform created by Hebei Football Association was officially opened, marking the provincial football project to open informationization. A new chapter of management.

Science and technology leading progress

Accelerate football information management, create football system data ecology, has become the requirements of the development of football projects. After comprehensive investigation, Hebei Province Football Association, in-depth investigation and improvement of football information system construction framework, and finally cooperate with internal scientific research institutions, fully cooperation, Soccer Jersey Discount and completed the football information platform test operation, officially opened all kinds of registration functions to society. Implementation of Hebei Football from “Traditional” to “Intelligent”.

Platform casting future

Hebei Football Association Information Platform Data Application is a large data matrix established by Member Association Management, Coach Training, Referee Training, Event Management, Elite Player Registration Management, and Social Football Social Football Society, covering from coaches and referees to teenagers. Players, joint interoperability and sharing from Cheap Soccer Jersey all kinds of information of grassroots football, implement football information, continuing education, referee training, adolescent management, social football event management, data statistics and member management And based on this, the four ecological construction of the Hebei Football Association, the four ecological construction, and the four major ecological construction, and further strengthen the overall management capabilities of the Hebei Football Association.

At this stage, the information platform has been perfect in registration functions, and the membership associations, local football associations, career clubs, amateur clubs, Youth Club (training institutions), all kinds of schools, sports schools, professional players, amateur players, teen players , Referees, coaches, lecturers, etc., can Manchester United Jersey be registered through platform application accounts, and registered users can receive relevant notices and publicity in the first time.

With the continuous upgrading of the information platform construction, according to future football development trends, the platform will include events to organize management applications, coaches and referee training courses, relevant football news push, football event live, football equipment With the promotion of derivatives, football venue information registration, ultimately realize the intelligent and dataization of Hebei football, and push new steps in the new steps of Hebei football reform and development.