He has talked about this relationship with Griffin

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Recently, the Nets made lineup adjustments, Griffin was abandoned. According to the “New York Post” reporter Brian Lewis, the Net of the Net is said that he has talked with Griffin, and Griffin has been dealt with this.

In the first 17 games in this season, Griffin has played 16 games, which has always been the main force of iron. But this situation has changed in the game in 4 days ago. In this field, Griffin was only 9 minutes, and in the second half, Nash also used Aldridge top to Grifen first. The last game, Griffin is even honest.

The only question is: Nash snow Tibetan, just occasionally, still have such long-term intended?

In this regard, Nash said in an interview that they are just in other combinations, and with Aldriqi https://www.maillotbasket6.com replaced Griffin, can speed up the speed of the basket. Aldridge is not the fastest player on the game, but he is present, the Nets can play the rhythm. “We are playing with the idea, we will never be a dead water,” Nash said, “We transfer Ball, our defense is also doing https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comwell. “

Nash also praised Griffin’s professional attitude, and Yan Rifen was well processed very well, and this is obviously not so easy to accept.

This season is the second season of Griffin’s Task Net. In the first 17, he got 5.5 points 4.9 rebounds, with a hit rate of only 31.8%. The Aldriqi field has been 13.6 points 5.9 rebounds 1.2 times, and it is undoubtedly better than Griffin, which is one of the main reasons for Nash.

Of course, the Nets will not give up Griffin. Durant also said to Griffin, some players can open space, some players can live https://www.nbatrikots4.com in the game, but only large players can grab the rebounds and baskets. Anyway, the demand for the big players will definitely run throughout the season. Griffin is hidden by snow, but the Net network wants to be an ideal team, which will definitely want Griffin.


Tomorrow, the Nets will meet the sun in the main court, can Grifen be re-enabled?